गुरु भक्ति सूत्र कविता 1 

गुरु भक्ति सूत्र कविता 1

वेशभूषा कायम करे मन से रहे अडिग
भुत रहे चोला भजे करे न प्रीत घडिक

माला जटा खूब पहने पहने न ज्ञान विवेक
आडम्बर अति लालसी सिमरे माया अनेक

ज्ञान भक्ति के रंग बताये खुद ना चले कदम एक
दुसरे को भाषण देत है खुद भुला आत्म विवेक

प्रभु न जानत अनाम को नामी भजे हज़ार
नामी से नामी मिले तो होवे बेडा पार

संत को समजा नहीं भजे वेश और रूप
नरक पड़े इस जन्म में न मिले निज स्वरुप

शब्द ढूंढने को गया बिक गया माया हाथ
प्रेम रस पिया नहीं न मानी सदगुरु की बात

निज घर खोजे निज घर में यही है ज्ञान विवेक
माया ठगे जो बहार खोजे मिले जो रस्ते अनेक

हुशियार साहूकार चतुराई की
खानी है
जो सब जगह निर्मल रहे वो ही उचा ज्ञानी है

ज्ञान विज्ञानं का घर करे न करे प्रभु से प्रीती
साहेब समजावे शिष्य को प्रेम ही मिलन की रीती

……….. किंजल जी व्यास गुरुजी


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5 thoughts on “गुरु भक्ति सूत्र कविता 1 

  1. These are the methodical explanations are much more understandable in the spiritual alokik world, such which Maharishi Matungiee discribe as kriya yog vidya.

  2. Namaste Guruji, finally i am able to access your course material without taking a course in computer programming…
    Thankyou for the freebies in Navarna Mantra. So i have learnt how to switch the beeja aksharas to accomplish certain goals. I must tell you that i have spent a fortune since 1972 in getting the Black Magic removed, in the process i have tried to learn spirituality via several gurus. However, just when i came to conclusion that i am suffering due to my past karmas of previous lives gave up, out of the blue, i found you. I started chanting the Navarna mantra starting with ‘Kleem’, day before yesterday i did 27 malas annd actually saw black smoke around my Gurus picture, and in the morning the black smoke was gone. Yesterday i was able to do only one mala, and today ten, i feel weak and have passing out sort of feeling after chanting the mantra. I personally feel that this Black magic needs to be gone, before i pursue any sadhnas. I think that i should be able to do the Kunjika and Navarna. I would like to request if Guruji you will be able to remove the Back magic that us on me and my daughter. I have lost one child. I am sorry if i have been abrupt with my eords, for that i apologise, however, i haved paid huge amounts via internet to have black magic removed, is still there. I feel so helplesd, as i live in an apartment and doing the havan ……at the moment i have been doing it with ghee in drops in diya, as havan is not feasible. Please kindly tell me that you can remove this BM, so that i can peacefully focuss on spirituality. I you agree tell me on the costs. I am retired, am leaving for USA, next Tuesday, will return on Aug 25th.

    At this time i know that i will struggle with all the sadhnas as this negative energy does not let me progress, sort of i take one step forward and two dteps backwards.
    You telephone number does not come up in contact for WhatsApp. Therefore you will have to call me and see if it registers that way.
    I am also very attracted to Maha Avatar Babaji, is it possible to gey a statue like yours please.


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