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 || Sri Matre Namah ||

Welcome to my blog. If you’re reading this, I guess you want to know a little more about me. I’m Nivrutti Ubale,  spiritually named as Anam Dev by my respected gurus. As a kid, I was quite different from the rest, rather than being academically oriented, I was drawn to perform full-time service in Devi Chandeshwari’s temple in my village, at the tender age of 16. I used to bunk my school to be at the temple and interacted for hours with the divine mother. My parents used to pressurize me to pursue studies and I tried hard, but destiny had chosen a unique path for me. In 2008, Devi blessed me with advanced astrological knowledge. With that I started helping and counselling people, and got to know a lot about familial and societal issues and their resolution. My connection with the divine mother grew stronger day-by-day and she used to guide me closely in my work. My intuitive faculties got strengthened significantly during this phase of my life.

In parallel, I immersed myself in getting deeper knowledge about the divine mother, and read Saptshati, Devi Bhaagvat, Tripura Rahasya regularly. Yet, my strong desire to learn Shri Vidya was not getting fulfilled. I started praying to Mahaavtar Babaji to open my doors to Shri Vidya and higher spiritual knowledge. Finally, after a long period of continued regular sadhna and prayers, Babaji gave me darshan and chose me as his disciple.

With the blessings of Babaji and his sister Naglakshmi Mata, I got very deep knowledge of kriya yoga and sri vidya. I got access to 80 different types of ancient texts associated with kriya yog and sri vidya. Thereafter Babaji spiritually guided me to an experienced guru in Hyderabad where I actually spent time in learning Shri Vidya sadhna. While I enjoyed practising Shri Vidya regularly and learnt a lot, yet my inner-self suggested that something was missing and there was quest for more knowledge.

Then one day, a very respectable guru from Gujarat actually called me and asked me to visit him. I went to see him and at mid-night he hugged me and made me his disciple. It was an extremely divine experience, exactly mirroring what’s described in the ancient scriptures that the guru actually selects his own worthy disciples (and it is never the other way round). Since then my spiritual horizons have opened up vast and I have learnt many hidden tantras of Shri Vidya and also got knowledge of Para Vidya. I am still learning more and more.

With the blessings of my gurus, and Maa Lalita Parmeshwari, I had the desire of spreading the true form of Shri Vidya to worthy disciples.  This led me to establish Shri Vidya Sanjeevan Sadhna Sewa Petham in 2016. The objective of this gurukul (school) is to teach Shri Vidya Sadhna to dedicated and worthy saadhaks in the most authentic and traditional way closely in line with the ancient scriptures and also to bestow relevant and important ancient wisdom to the sadhaks.

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