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|| Sri Matre Namah ||

Sri Vidya, in which the microcosm and macrocosm are thoroughly understood, is the foremost and the most highly regarded Brahma Vidya. Shree Vida begins where quantum physics ends. It is a Hindu tantric religious system devoted to Devi Lalita Tripursundari. With true practise of Shri Vidya saadhna one can achieve self-realization in his/ her life time (become Jeeva-mukta) and get  knowledge of the entire cosmos.

It is popularly known that Shri Vidya is the sadhna of Bhog (enjoyments on the worldly plane ) and Moksha (liberation of the soul). While this is entirely true, one must remember that Shri Vidya is a tantric sadhna and just by regularly chanting/ meditating on ‘Panchdasi Mantra’, Bhog and Moksha are not achievable. For attaining Bhog, a lot of rituals of different kinds need to be carried out, depending on the kind of Bhog one is after. For mokhsa, one has to get deep knowledge of ‘Panchamveda’ and ‘Urdhavmna’ from the guru. This takes years of rigorous practise, dedication as well as one needs to spend a lot of time with his/ her guru to learn everything in detail.

In Saundraya Lahiri, Adi Shankaracharya ji has described four facets of shri vidya with distinct traditional ways of learning each facet. These four facets include – (1) Bahiryag (2) Antaryag (3) Rahoyag (or Kriyayog) and (4) Sookshma Kshama (Mahayag). Anav Deeksha is the first and foremost deeksha to be taken as per Soundarya Lahiri, and it is complete Bahiryag. In this form of deeksha, saadhaks increase the strength of their concentration (tapobal). When concentration increases to a high degree, the guru qualifies the sadhak to be ready for transferring further knowledge through sushumna nadi.

At Shri Vidya Sanjeevan Sadhna Sewa Petham, we teach Shri Vidya pooja and saadhna strictly in line with the scriptures. At our gurukul, we teach all poojas which form part of Bahiryag or Aanav Deeksha. We follow the tradition of the sadhna that Shri Dattatreya bhagwan taught to Parushuraamji. Parashuraamji captured all sadhna modalities in his Kalpasutras. Then Shri Karpatri Swami developed a structured format to teach Shri Vidya. We use exactly the same format which is described as below –

  1. Shri Maha Ganapati Saadhna
  2. Shri Maatangi Saadhna
  3. Shri Vaarahi Saadhna
  4. Shri Bala Tripursundari Saadhna
  5. Shri Lalita Panchdasi Saadhna and Shri Yantra Navavran Pooja

To learn the above levels a lot of dedication is required. As for each level, Sadhak has to complete a certain prescribed number of poojas/ sadhna to be able to make it to the next level. If the sadhak is fully focussed and does sadhna every day, then these levels will take about 1.5 to 2 years to complete.

In our gurukul, we work closely with the disciples and are always available for one-on-one guidance, and any queries. We also are selective about our choosing worthy and serious disciples as Shri Vidya a spiritual PhD requiring a lot of dedication and time/ effort.

||Sri Matre Namah ||

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