Anima Siddhi

Anima Siddhi

Anima Siddhi ( 1st Siddhi Devi of SriYantra )

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An very important stage in Sri yantra pujan is *Chaturashtra*  also recognised as *Bhupur*.
First an grace to eight (ashta) Goddess .
The first spiritual energy goddess is with *Anima* *Siddhi*

*Anima Siddhi* is described in world as an Vidya to become very small or power of the Siddhi is to become as small as an ant or more than that.

This cannot be achieved practically.
The actual root of Anima Siddhi is to recognise our selves very small creature in front of the universe this sense this maturity is actually described as Anima Siddhi this is also a self realisation part .

Anima Siddhi is also practice in Devi lok and bhulok .
Anima it self meaning is in respect of an energy or in an offering to an energy which is not possible to an human to do .
As in today’s human are busy with there ego and attitude which does not exist in spiritual world .

Your one thinking or emotion  towards an pretending that you are great in front of energy or putting up your needs also a part of selfishness this is not expected in spiritual world and in spiritual practice or service to the almighty god .

Anima Devi appears an an precious diamond in an box of jewels whose light and energy can be experienced in any condition by proper gaining her knowledge .

There are four sub literature ( grantha) Shreshta , Ragkasya , Mukulashtra , Kedarashtra.
Shreshta includes an stage of Srividya and Anima vidya .
It briefs about some more facts and truth about Universe .
It deals with an theory knowledge of practical thinking about some water stages and there presense importance .

We are dealing with some more deep and ancient rituals and knowledge and will continue this in future as well  .

This knowledge and research is only available on Sri Vidya Pitham .
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