Diksha Types under Sri Vidya according to Saundaryalahiri

Diksha Types under Sri Vidya according to Saundaryalahiri

Let us talk about a basic subject under Shrividya actually written by Adishankaracharya. It is purely an imaginary story that contents of Diksha types were handed over to Adishankaracharya by Lord Shiva and half of the script was chewed by Nandi. Study and practice of Shrividya clearly reveals that Subhgodaya, a work by Guru Govindacharyaji and his Guru Acharya Gaudpadji forms the basis of Shrividya by Adishankaracharya. The first 41 shlokas of Saundaryalahiri have been inspired and drawn from an intense study of Subhgodaya.

For sadhaks of Shrividya it is important to study both the scriptures. The process of Diksha is described in the first part of Saundaryalahiri. It discusses three types of Diksha – AANAV, SHAKTI, and SHAMBHAVI.

Aanav Diksha:

This is essentially Bahiraog in which involves performing poojan of Shriyantra. Aamnaayen relate to the five faces of Lord Shiva and a Sadhak should question his Guru regarding the specific face from which Guruji got his Diksha because that will determine the directing of Shrividya. It constitutes the mega science of Shrividya in which the Guru educates the sadhak about 36 elements of sadhakya art dvidshant science.

Shakti Diksha:

It involves activation of the six chakras also known as vedh diksha. Through shakti diksha, the Guru also activates the kundalini of the sadhak as well as the three glands or granthis – Rudra, Vishnu and Brahma. These days there are lot of misconceptions about shaktipaat. Many claim to impart shaktipaat through Reki, Healing, focussed look and putting hand on the aagya chakra and blessing it. But this is not basic shaktipaat. It is necessary to have depth understanding of shaktipaat while doing Shrividya. In the instance of true inception of shaktipaat in the body, the spinal cord may get heated up and there can be an excess of energy causing physical damage and strain. That’s why in early days, the sadhak was prepared physically and spiritually to withstand shaktipaat. Sick and weak sadhaks cannot tolerate shaktipaat. Damage to sadhak can also be a curse for the Guru. Hence treatment through kalp-vidhan and strengthening of the physical body through special health drinks, applying certain lotions and some secret acts were performed on sadhaks before imparting shaktipaat. Wrong information and instructions can cause more damage than promoting physical and mental health. Erratic body movements, shouting and uncontrolled limb movements is in no way attaining shaktipaat. What is important is getting control on the sub-conscious emotional body which is parallel to the physical body for attaining shaktipaat in the true sense.

Shambhavi Shakti:

It constitutes a deep mysterious piece of knowledge. This form of Diksha can lead to Brahamakatya gyan. The subject is known to very few persons. It is not original Shambhavi that is imparted in most cases. For acquiring original Shambhavi, the sadhak has to undergo lot of preparation like a fruit which has to undergo ripening prior to becoming consumable. The effect of deep sadhana facilitates deep meditation, necessary for the merging of three eyes in the Aagya chakra in Shambhavi and the movement from the physical (sthool) to subtle (sookshm) body. It culminates into the formation of ida-pingla-sushumna nadi corresponding to sun-moon-fire or vama-jyeshtha-raudri triangle. It is a triad moving towards mahabrahmand. It is no less than the creation of paravani or experiencing an interface with the divine.

But this is possible through intense sadhana and a powerful Guru. It is an outcome of sadhana running over years and achievable by one out of crores of sadhaks. In real Shambhavi, the sadhak has to be a Yogi having an element of his Guru. Both get united in sushumna and together they proceed to the universe of sookshm avastha. This is free from common physical experiences of relaxation of the sthool (physical) body. The original Shambhavi can take us back in time spanning over previous births and past eras as well as the future. The sadhak can even predict future events. It is necessary for the sadhak to understand the real Shambhavi and not live in a false imaginary universe.

So, these are the three dikshas of Saundaryalahiri by Adishankaracharya.

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