Green Energy Sri Bhuvaneshwari

Green Energy Sri Bhuvaneshwari

It is about the
?Green Energy / Power of Bhuvaneshwari
☯️The 3rd attendary energy of Tripura sundari

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Let’s look into the subject .

Bhuvaneshwari is the is power of the soil contents and the energy by which plants create their energy  .
That is the main content by which plants are able to make their food. The main content is the chrophyll
It is Green in colour .
That is why bhuvaneshwari is Green ? . We can call her mother of plants .

? Why the Colour is Green ?

Because green is the colour which have the power of making the new individuals that is the power of making energy of plants which is also used by humans .

The Green Energy is which is present with Bhuvaneshwari is 45 percent of the Green Knowledge .

The main Green Knowledge content is very vast and it can not be studied by an individual . It is very powerful so not even a single god / goddess / guru etc can handle the power , knowledge  and respect it because it is that content which very high and we are not capable of getting the knowledge of Green Power .

That is the energy as compare of yellow ? energy of Baglamukhi .

Bhuvaneshwari is the mahavidya of baglamukhi level .
That’s the end of Green Power Bhuvaneshwari knowledge .

I am highly obliged that I am the one who knows the power of ? Green Bhuvaneshwari .

? Now let’s discuss about the 2nd Bhuvaneshwari of Lalita Tripursundari’s energy .

Bhuvaneshwari is the 3rd attendary of Tripura Sundari .

She looks after the adhaya chakra ( 3rd eye )  of the worshiper / sadhak / devotees of Adimaya Tripura sundari and sadhak of Sri Vidya .

She guides the sadhak with help of adhnaya chakra ( 3rd eye ) to go to next level of knowledge , mukti or she tells the way to move towards enlightenment . The power of sense develop with the help of bhuvaneshwari of the individual .

She is the mother of Sensory , Aura Detection and is a good guider . That’s the working and knowledge  between 2 Bhuvaneshwari .

If you are willing to understand the science about the above  knowledge hold on till the next article .

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