I Sri-Lalita SahaSranama I Part 12 Word : “~ Pancha-Tanmatra Sayka ~” 

I Sri-Lalita SahaSranama I Part 12 Word : “~ Pancha-Tanmatra Sayka ~” 

I Sri-Lalita SahaSranama I Part 12
Word : “~ Pancha-Tanmatra Sayka ~” 

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Today we will discuss the subject of the next name of the goddess in the series of Sri-Lalita Sahasranama.

“~ Pancha-Tanmatra Sayka ~” as very clearly mentioned above, Pancha tanmatras hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell all these are five subtle elements.

First you saw the four-handed form of the goddess, in it first Noose as weapon,  the second weapon Goad,  the third weapon Sugarcane bow and now you will see the five arrows mounted above the bow.

These five arrows are worn by Goddess. And these very arrows are represented by five subtle elements or Panchattanamatra i.e.hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell,  i.e. “Panchattanamata Saika” are denoted by this word.
The goddess uses an arrow and mount it to the sugarcane bow to determine her work according to the need.

SriVidya Sadhana is a subtle practice or sadhana of the root element, the gross element, the subtle element and the subtlest element and beyond the subtle.
Words which are present in the root element are present  as well as in the subtle element.
Likewise for the other Tanmatras or subtle elements.
In order to understand this very elaborate knowledge, there is a system of divine nyasa or touching various parts of the body while chanting specific portions of a mantra on the  body of seeker in Srividya.

In Panchadashi initiation, the scriptural Navavarna Puja or rituals on nine enclosures is performed on the Sri Yantra. 43 pillars in the form of divine triangles are established. Prior to that Navgrahas or nine planets are established on the body of the seeker, establishing 27 Nakshatras or Stars,  setting up of 12 zodiac signs, setting up of 51 Bijika Shaktis or seed powers, setting up of forms of Ganesha, setting up of 51 Maha Shakti Peethas etc. or the great energy seats.

Just buying Sriyantra and chanting Panchadasi does not make it all happen.

Now I mention here a secret knowledge, to understand that many people spent millions of rupees learning  wrong Srividya Sadhana, yet they did not get this knowledge. Just as Srilalitha Tripurasundari has five arrows in her right hand, that is, a cluster of five flowers, each flower has a different name. Lotus , Raktairava or red lotus flower, water lily, Indivar flower , Amaranth flower etc.

These five flowers are also known as  five different forms of Lotus.

Such as the first flower arrow in the form of lotus is a white auspicious lotus like the Sun.

The second flower arrow called Raktairava ore red lotus flower is the lotus of the yellow color.

The third flower arrow called water lily  is like a red lotus.

The fourth flower arrow  called Indivar is like a blue lotus.

The five-floral arrow called Amaranth is the mango flower.

Each arrow is a divine weapon of hypnosis. Like we said earlier that Captivation, Annihilation, Mesmerism, Kill, hypnosis, these five arrows have the same form of divine power.

The arrow of her sugarcane bow in the form of Srilitha, is all hypnosis and the five arrows  has been called as causing unconsciouness.

One creates joy and happiness, the other creates confusion, the third which emaciates , the fourth causes death, the fifth give frenzy.

The same five arrows were given to Kamdev by Sri-Lalita  and with the power of these arrows the Samadhi or concentration of Lord Shiva was breeched.

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