I Sri-Lalita SahaSranama I Part 13 I Word : ” Nijarun Prabhapur Majjad Brahmand-mandala

I Sri-Lalita SahaSranama I Part 13
Word : ” Nijarun Prabhapur Majjad Brahmand-mandala “

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The next verse in the long shlokas of Srilalita Sahasranama “Nijarun Prabhapur Majjad Brahmandmandala ” will glance at it a little.

“Nijarun Prabhapur Majjad Brahmandmandala” is the chain of infinite universes. All those chain is bathing or soaking in the pink splendour of  Srilalita Parameswari.

Vashinadi Vagdevatas begun telling about the gross form of Srilalita from this sloka.

In long-term practice like Mahavidya Srividya, one thing has to be understood that Male deities are described from foot to head. And the order in the case of Female deities or  Goddess the description is  from head to toe. Therefore, from this verse,  the description of Srilalita’s head begun.

This thing is a bit different on the subject of Shiva. Because he is in state of Ardha narishvara.. Therefore, both head and toe  are combined together while describing him.

In Srividya Sadhana, initiation of Panchadasi Mantra is given in the final stage. Panchadashi initiation is given after the initiation of Mahaganapathi, Rajamatangi, Mahavarahi and Bala tripura sundari.

It is a Fifteen seedspelled mantra, which is divided into three parts. Vagbhava code ( peak of creative feeling)  – Kamaraj code ( peak of desire) – Shakti code ( peak of power)  like this. The chants of Vagbhava code are characterized  in Srividya from the crown of Srilitha to the neck. These upper verse  symbolize all this knowledge.

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