Shiva and KaliKul SriVidya

Shiva and KaliKul SriVidya

Shiva and KaliKul SriVidya

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Let’s understand some secrets about *Kalikul Srividya and it’s  Importance* by an incident of lord Shiva.

As there are many stories famous about lord Shiva .
How his shakti Uma changed her forms by time .
Uma – sati – Parvati
And we all know that only one state is present now from long senturies of Shakti uma that is Parvati .
Kali is the incarnation of Parvati.

There is an story about how Parvati got the energy of being kali and why not changed her form again after Parvati.
Shiva is a very high energy and also a very has  high Sri Vidya and  knowledge.

After doing all practices of Srividya Shiva was not able to control the form of energy of uma from changing so he after having high Sri Vidya he moves towards *Kalikul Srividya* for this problems.

In Kalikul there is Mahakali also known as mahakalieshwari.
He started following towards her .
After a alot of struggle of 1lakh years lord Mahakalieshwari was impressed by him and had given him a small part of her energy as well.

The mahakaleshwari in Kalikul is the reflection of goddess lalita in black energy .
Which is not in control of goddess Lalita.

That is the reason after the  impressed of Mahakali lord Shiva’s energy uma not changed the identity and is also known as her last incarnation Parvati and Kali.

Here is an amazing surprise for the pure devotees of Mata lalita and Mata Kali we are going to teach proper Kalikul SriVidya here .
This only the blessings of Mata lalita and Mata mahakaleshwari blessings that they both have given me  all  this knowledge and also they have trusted me only for this .
I am very much thankful to both of them and because of them only I am able to present our Kalikul Srividya in future .

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