The Kameshwari Nitya and her the world’s most important kalash 

The Kameshwari Nitya and her the world’s most important kalash 

The Kameshwari Nitya and her the world’s most important kalash 

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Let’s look into the subject .

Kameshwari Nitya is the supreme power of Kaameshwar on of major and main force of Lalita Tripursundari Adimaya ( Universal Goddess ) .

Kameshwari Nitya is 1st Nitya of Lalita’s 15 Nitya Goddess .

SriVidya Param Shakti ” Kameshwari ” is holding a kalash ( khada ) in right hand . Khada is one metal use in Supreme World . Kalash making from Khada Metal . ( Important Note : Same Khada Metal use in MahaKali’s weapon ” Khadag ” . )
Kalasa also called Ghot or Ghat .

The flowers in her right hand states her power that Lalita given to  represent that she is the 4 attendary of Lalita .

The kalash contains the water that has the power to give birth to nature and living creatures .

The  kalash is Combination of Nichrome  + yellow sapphire stone ? .
Nichrome is the specially used to flow of electrons that is ⚡ electricity that is the power / source of energy .
Yellow sapphire ? states that the living form means the energy of making blood , bones and the organs DNA ? trends
Therefore this are used in the kalash .

Nichrome is the element also used in the electricity experiments as well .

Nichrome melted ? also greats a hard metal ? .

The kalash has the architectury / design of the 14 kalas that is the different forms of art  ( drawings )  integrated .

This is the special and important subject to be studied which is only on Sri Vidya Pitham .

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