Kundalini Awakening Therapy through Ancient Knowledge

Kundalini Awakening Therapy through Ancient Knowledge

Kundalini Awakening Therapy through Ancient Knowledge

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Kundalini, also known as “the serpent power” is a powerful force of energy that lies dormant in the human body. It is said to be a dormant potential of the body to awaken and rise up through the chakras, centers of spiritual energy within the spine.

Kundalini awakening refers to a process by which Kundalini energy moves up from its usual location near the base of the spine and rises up through each chakra. This process can take years or happen very quickly.

The awakening often brings about physical, mental and emotional changes in the person who experiences it. These changes are not limited to one’s sense of self but also include one’s relationships with others and with nature as well as other aspects of life such as work or career .

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