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Kundalini Energy Force

Kundalini Energy Force

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Warm greetings to the pure soul who are here to find the original knowledge and moving to the power of enlightenment .

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Kundalini the word has many meanings , forms ,types
Kundalini is in also in birth astrology card that is also kundali.
Kundali itself specific it’s properties Kun (swayam/self ) Dali ( realisation , progress , improvement, path of your own life , direction.

There are 5 types of chakras in are human body.
Here we will understand some points about muladhar chakra.

*Muladhar Chakra*
Is the chakra located below are abdominal .
This chakra is very important as it is the first stage or nerve line of kundali and the way to moving toward enlightenment , self realisation , confidence.
For all these process the power of muladhar chakra is very important .

With out muladhar there is no human being in the world .
Therefore in many vidyas , rituals guru active the muladhar chakra .
Why it is necessary to activate Muladhar Chakra .

It is because this is the first chakra in kundalini and it is linked with other chakras .
We need to move through a sequence so there is a need to activate Muladhar Chakra first it will help to activate other chakras immediately.

Why we need to activate chakras , what happens the next .
The activation process involves many rituals this makes the human much mature than any other .
The human starts thinking about what it is actually .
Activation moves towards the enlightenment and helf realisation .

Muladhar chakra after activation seperate us from our kul and it’s rituals as after activation the human moves towards enlightenment .

And enlightenment means moving ahead and it’s first step is to get free from kula chara .
If you want to get from kul dosh or going through some unwanted situation , you are not able to find way of some thing , you need a proper guidance in something in an situation  You can join our sadhana .
For muladhar Chakra activation you can join our kriya yog sadhana .

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