Master signs in SriVidya Sadhana

Master signs in SriVidya Sadhana

Shree Matre Namah ..
Every SriVidys Sadhna seeker must know the teacher disciple’s traits.
This is the beginning of primary knowledge of Sreevidya Sadhana.
It is necessary for every seeker to practice seriously because it is an abnormal subject.

Srividya is such a serious sadhana that in her, wrong initiation rule corrupts the life of a person.

Shiv ji is said to be in the supreme book of Srividya, from Parvati to the guru of Srividya.

First of all, we need to understand the meaning of the guru.

The meaning of the word guru is to remove the darkness and bring it to light, but today’s people need to change this meaning, as if Guru means that the person is the one who says the truth and is satisfied with his disciple.

Lord Shiva is saying in Kollarnav 3rd Ullas,

” Shri Guru ParmeShani Shuddh-Vesho Manohar ll
SarvaLakshan-Sanpanna: Sarva-yovy-shobhita ।। 38 ।। ”

In this stanza, Lord Shiva is saying on the subject of Srividya Guru, “O Lord Goddess Parvati, give attention to the characteristics of the guru, in which you are being heard one by one.
Thu 1) Integrated with Correctness
2) Be beautiful to see
3) Done with all the symptoms
4) away from the worries of all your users
Be pretty

Now friends will get you all of these thoughts or imagery in front of them, a guru who is wearing a colored poodle or wearing big clothes wearing a bright dress or wearing a beautiful dhoti.
Rather it is not true. What is the point of Shiva ji is hidden secrets in the inside, those whom we do not understand. There will be a sloppy move here.
The Guru is synchronized with the pure environment,
That is, he has a strong knowledge of pure knowledge on the thoughts of his mind. To understand purity or purity, friends will need to understand 36 elements in Srividya Sadhana, what is that? Then go and understand pure knowledge.
It is necessary to know about 36 elements of Paramshiv Param Shakti, which is knowledge,
This knowledge has been described as “ambush”.

Now seeing beautiful guru, does not mean the beauty of his face, but anger on his face – longing – without fear, the word of truth always comes out of his mouth.
Now in some places shift goes to some other place, then the master feels peace. Then indirect momentum is also brought to stay connected with your rugs. This is the fault of the guru.
Here is the beauty of the mind. The reverse guru in Srividya says that before coming down to meditation, the world comes to roam, how is the power spread in Avatar, what is Maya and what is the truth? Understand, then go to Srividya Sadhana.
The beauty of the mind of the master can be understood when the master talks to his disciples.
Sadhana is flourishing only with the Guru.
Parents keep with their children until they become sensible, then only after going to children and parents, this becomes a deep relationship. So far, offline relations have not been made, as today the Hansah remains. However, it is necessary to have a Guru Disciple Sangam in a long spiritual practice like Shreevidya.
By then it came to understand the beauty of the mind of the master.
Nowadays people spend a lot of money on doing sadhana, but they do not understand that what they are taking is a misleading idea, not so.

Now Lord Shiva, the master is saying “with all the symptoms.”
Now friends, you will feel that the guru is a magician, but that does not mean it. Its meanings are changing in every era. As in the Satgart Tratago, the Gurus had intense immoral powers, there were many siddhis, long life too.) But today it can not be so. Then, in today’s guru, the signs that he should not be of the Mayanist’s pleasure, he should be able to give correct knowledge, he has the right knowledge about Srividya Sadhana. He should come to see Srividya 36-16-15 elements. Return – Get the understanding of the imagined art o Do not want to take advantage of selfishness by making many disciples, any object – Mantra-Sadhana will give the disciple to his right from the right direction. Srividya is not the awakening of the guru kundalini but instead of suppressing the form of Kundalini, she is doing the right Kundalini practice to her disciples. If the soul of this girl is stuck and dies even then it should have the ability to bring it back. E is a lot of topic. What is the infinitely powerful power of Kundalini, it should also be the emerging master.
The master speaks the whole truth.

Shivaji further says, “All of the body is user-friendly.” That is, the correctness of the health guru is correct. There is a spiritual glimpse in speaking to her thoughts. The meaning of sabave is not only hands and feet, but the power in the hands should be for the protection of the disciple, the strength of the leg is to suppress the followers of the disciple, to stand confidently with the backbone strengths of the back. Yes, the neck of the master should always stand ahead, so that by introducing the disciple to the right science knowledge, then in the upper embodiment, he can give a place to the livelihood of the disciples.
There is so much sadness here that, Siddhiya sadhana is given in the name of pleasure and salvation, but how does it get happiness and how does salvation come? None of his character knowledge indicates.

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