Shri Lalitaya Namah !

With the blessings of my revered Guru Mahavtarji, I am sharing this important piece of knowledge with you.

Panchdashi Mantra is an integral part of Shrividya which the sadhaks are required to recite regularly. Panchdashi mantra means a mantra constituted by 15 akshar or alphabets of sanskrit lipi sounding KA, AE, EE, LA, HEEM, HA, SA, KA, HA, LA, HEEM, SA, KA, LA, HEEM.

The sadhaks are generally told about the basics of the Panchdashi mantra but most of the sadhaks are not able to internalize it and seem to be completely unconnected with it. They simply memorize the mantra and utter it mechanically without feeling and understand. In fact, the mantra should not be given to the sadhak in the first instance and that too directly, as it is commonly done during commercial shivirs.

The doubt which is naturally raised in the mind of the sadhak and need to be resolved is as to where the name of Devi is incorporated in the mantra. We are generally more comfortable reciting mantras containing readable names of deities like Shree Matre Namah, Om Namah Shivay, Om Durgaya Namah, Om Batukaya Namah, and so on, which facilitate connectivity with the concerned deities. But reciting the Panchdashi has this problem. It is difficult to understand as to where it has the name Lalita? Which akshar contains Tripursundari? What sort of mantra it is, simply having alphabets?

Nurturing required in Sri Vidya

Like any other life activity whether it is the development of child in the mother’s womb or learning to drive a vehicle, full internalization of Panchdashi Mantra is time consuming and cannot occur in a day or two day shivir. Mastering panchdashi is like counting rays of the sun. Panchdashi is compressed form of shakti transmitted by Tripursundari contained in simple 15 alphabets. It is necessary for the sadhak to understand each and every alphabet of the Panchdashi from the Guru. The imparting has to be personal and spread over a reasonable duration. Learning it in a hurry is of no use and adversely affects the mental state of the sadhak. Shrividya is a serious sanskar which cannot be attained simply by paying heavy fee, putting photographs of devi devatas on the wall and reciting mantras mechanically. Gurukuls were established and Gurus are there for this very reason.

The above details have been given to ensure preparedness and maturity in the sadhak to understand and imbibe the intricacies of the Panchdashi.

As stated earlier the Panchdashi has 15 akshars where the one sounding KA appears thrice. The three KAs constitute the Kakaar which we shall try to understand. The first akshar KA of Panchdashi mantra is so important that imbibing it leads to the memorization and realization of all akshars and all the 15 forms of lordess Mother. All the 15 elements of Panchdashi have separate meaning.

Relevance of KA (Kakaar beejakshar)

The mantra has KA thrice containing Vagbhava-Kamraj-Shakti.

The first KA is parallel to TAT, the first word of Gayatri Mantra. In fact Panchdashi and Gayatri are same and equivalent .

The first KA is representative of the Brahm tatva or Kameshwar. The upper triangle of the Rhriyantra is made out of three KAs and the EE kar embodying matrashakti. It is a form of light, not necessarily the one that is visible to the eyes . It is the divine light which has created 0 to 9 or say formation of Mooladhar from the light radiating from Sahsrahar. Kakaar is the extension from the sun to the navgrahas, and, from the earth to every biological being.

The KA beej relates to Kameshwar, husband of Kameshwari or Lalita. Kameshwar himself is the Paramshiva.

KA is an integration of K and A where K means Kameshwar and A stands for the throat. Isn’t this a bit disturbing? Applying logical thought, the three K kaar , the ten AA kaar and the five HA kaar together are equivalent to the throat of Shiva, the Shivakanth.

In Shrividya, we give priority to the formation of Gurupaduka by blending HA, Sa , and KSHA, where KSHA=K+A+SH. Thus KSHA also embodies KA. All of them are equally important. Mastering of Panchdashi is not possible without a realised Guru.

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