Pillars of ShreeVidya Sadhana | Part 1

Pillars of ShreeVidya Sadhana | Part 1

|| Pillars of ShreeVidya Sadhana ||

Part 1


Om Kriya Mahavtar Babaji Prassanostu II
Om Kriyashakti Lalitaye Namah II

Dear Friends , Regards and warm welcome to Shreevidya Sanjeevan Sadhna Sewa Peetham .

Today, I am going to represent an important study over Pillars of ShreeVidya Sadhana .

What are important pillars of ShreeVidya Sadhana? 

Dear Friends, One practices ShreeVidya Sadhana to gain either Moksha (eternal solace /liberation)  or   Bhog ( Physical life Pleasures). 

But, Have you ever wonder ,is that  so simple to  achieve bhog and Moksha with  Sadhna.

Do you ever had thought ,ShreeVidya Sadhna which is also called as BrahmaVidya can be easily be pleased by worshiping ShreeYantra.

Did, Lord Dattatreya and Lord Parshurama achieve Knowledge of ShreeVidya Sadhana in a day or two? 

If you study Life of Lord Parashuram ,then you shall realized that Maya ( illusion of Physical world) mesmerized him for centuries. When Lord Ram met to Parashuramji , at that point Parshuramji was set free from Maya. Only after that Lord Parshuram realised true knowledge of ShreeVidya.

It is same story with Adishankarachrya. At age of 13 ,he  was exposed to Advait ShiVidya. However, after losing to Chandal in debate, he realised that he just understood theory of Advait Shivatatva. He also realised that Advait Shiva tatva and Shakti tatva works in hand to hand each other. Shiva and Shakti tatva are incomplete and inefficient without each other. Upon realizing this secret, Shree Adishankarachrya start practicing ShreeVidya and gain Dvait Shakti form .

Therefore, it is immense important to understand Pillars of ShreeVidya sadhna for every disciple who practice ShreeVidya Sadhna.

Therefore, We ShreeVidya Sadhna Peetham  at Thane , attempt to aware you all about pillars of ShreeVidya Sadhna as given below.

1) Basically, ShreeVidya Sadhna has emerged out of Six mouths of Mahashiv in six different formats. These six different formats are known as Six different Aamnay of ShreeVidya. These six aamnays  have hidden path towards Moksha ( eternal liberation /solace). Without studying ShreeVidya’s different six aamnay one can’t totally understand ShreeVidya Sadhana in true sense.

2) Second most important pillar in ShreeVidya Sadhna is GuruPaduka Mantra.

( Mantra means spiritual words or sentences). These Mantra carries high weightage in ShreeVidya Sadhana. This Mantra is first stepping stone towards studying ShreeVidya Sadhana.

In anyone’s life mother is first teacher to aware about life. Likewise , Gurupaduka Mantra is first stepping stone to realize ShreeVidya Sadhana. In ShreeVidya Sadhana ,Gurupaduka Mantra acts as Raksha sutra (protecting shield).

3) Third important pillar of ShreeVidya Sadhna is to understand about Pancham veda. Without realising Panchamveda, one can not  be successful practitioner of ShreeVidya Sadhana. Knowledge of Pancham veda is studied under guidance of Guru . Lord Dattatreya taught this Panchamveda to his disciple Lord Parashuramaji.  Paravidyan (Science of Brahmand ) has been hidden in this Panchamveda.


Next Part Coming Soon…..

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  1. How can I know my aamnay .
    I have received srividya diksha.
    How many mantras should I chant.
    I want to purchase sri meru tantra.
    I am from jamnagar gujarat.
    My mobile no.94264 42266

  2. The article is presented in a logical way with beautiful meaningful images. Love these blog. Please publish the articles in English as non hindi speaking seekers also understands. I bow to your knowledge.

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