Pillars of SriVidya Sadhna 

Pillars of SriVidya Sadhna 

Pillars of SriVidya Sadhna 

Part 2

4th Pillar

4) the fourth Pillar of Shreevidya sadhna is some Mantras of Goddesses.

Among these mantras, Mantra of goddess Bala which is made up of three words has a lot importance.  Similarly, Mantras of Goddess Lalita and Goddess Shodashi carry a large importance and they are comprises of fifteen and sixteen words respectively.
Such mantras which are made up of 3-5-16 beej words are symbolic form of Brahmand ( Universe) . If one doesn’t understand these Mantra study then he/she can’t gain success in Shree Vidya Sadhana .It is highly needful that Guru should  make aware his own disciple about these mantras.

5th Pillar

5)  Fifth pillar of Shree Vidya Sadhana is plotting or imagining triangle of shreeyantra in proper direction at time of Manaspuja. Many people while performing Manaspuja, draw (or imagine) a triangle in Shreeyantra at place of Aadnyachakra. But this place doesn’t belong to Triangle. It belongs to center point of ShreeYantra.
ShreeVidya Sadhak must aware the Correct positions of  traingle while performing   antaryag worship . In Anataryag  worshiping Shreeyantra Triangle should be 🔻 and should not be 🔺.
Correct position of triangle is must as it symbolisez hidden secret of  Universe upbringing and it’s destruction.

6th Pillar

6) Sixth Pillar of ShreeVidya Sadhna is to differentiate correctly between Shiv and Paramshiv. The Shiva,  to whom we worship  is  made up of 16 forms of Universe. He has stipulated time period of one Kalpa. This Shiva gets change in every Kalpa. This Shiva which gets change in every Kalpa is actually a incarnation of Paramshiva. The Paramshiva represents of 36 forms of  universe.
Just by chanting  “Shiva” names one can can’t aware of this distinct difference between Shiva and Paramshiva.
Shree Vidya Sadhaka must   broaden his/her views along with up gradation in knowledge.
7) Seventh Pillar of ShreeVidya Sadhana is to understand Kundalini in correct manner.
In ShreeVidya Sadhana ,One’s Kundalini energy doesn’t get activate but thought process is done over how to develop Kundalini activation in right manner. How kundalini works and who is governing its function is matter of study in ShreeVidya Sadhana. Also, topics such as  How tiny is this Kundalini ?, how to channelize  Kundalini from  SahastraSar Tunnel ?  are integral part of studycourse in Shree Vidya Sadhana.
In ShreeVidya Sadhana , Sadhak should aware about seven chakra and seven bodies.
Sadhak should earn command over several study topics under guidance of Spiritual Guru, as mentioned below.
Such as
Among seven Chakras , at which chakras Dvait and Advait gets dissove , How to
seperate Dvait from Advait . How Kundalini energy changes colour  from Muladhar chakra  to upward direction upon activation.


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