Specifications about Shiva and Shakti

Specifications about Shiva and Shakti

Specifications about Shiva and Shakti

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You all have heard about lord Shiva but did you get that what is it actually .

Only knowing that he is god and his wife is goddess is not enough .

There is more appropriate knowledge more than the title of God and Goddess .

: How did he acquire the state of The Shiva .
: How does his wife is his energy .
: Shiva has what kind of authority and title more than The Destroyer .
: The ancient process of worshipping lord Shiva .
: Why should we worship lord Shiva .
: Who is the energy from there he got the energy .

Who is The Shiva

The complex of nature is the Shiva .
What is the complex form nature .

The complex of nature that is he has different – different emotions at a same point or time .
That is he has multiple nature .
This can be observed as he is calm sometimes , sometimes caring , sometimes the destroyer / rudra roop , sometimes the loving husband to his wife .
This shows the energy changing capacity and the types of behaviour he has .

This is necessary to know because as we know are dear one’s all habits .
What happens from that .
We can understand and match with the individual accordingly .
Same as for the above knowledge .
It is the learning the forms of energy .
This also indicates which power he has and how it works .
Let’s discuss about the identity ‘destroyer ‘.

Destroyer is not about only destruction of the material world but destroyer also means that taking the waste after destruction , how is it possible it is that his energy has the power or nature .
What is power of nature that his energy have
His energy have means that his wife Parvati .
As nature has the ability to develop creation of life or material world .

It also can take it inside .
For example ,
As nature develops leafs but leafs are also taken inside it after an interval .
This is called as Nature power
Not only creation but also return it to its origin .

Which is the small part of Advait Shastra .
This is actually he named as destroyer because of his Shakti .

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