Sri Chakra (Sri Yantra) Puja

Sri Chakra (Sri Yantra) Puja

Sri Chakra (Sri Yantra) Puja

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ll Om Aim Hreem Shreem Sri Lalitay Tripurasundari Padukam Pujayami Namah ll

What is SriChakra?

Sri Chakra puja or Yantra puja is the worship of a deity in a diagrammatic form. This type of worship exists in a lot of the other parts of the world also.
The worship of Devi in Shreechakra is regarded as the highest form of the Devi worship. Originally Lord Shiva gave 64 Chakras and their Mantras to the world, to attain various spiritual and material benefits. For his consort Devi he gave the Shreechakra and the highly coveted and the most powerful Shodashakshari mantra, which is the equivalent of all the other 64 put together.

Cosmic Creations …

It is said that in the beginning God, who was one, wanted to become many and enjoy himself. As the first step to creation he created Devi – the total cosmic Female force. For the male part, out of his left he created Shiva, out of his middle he created Brahma and out of his right he created Vishnu. That is why many regard the Devi as more powerful than the Trinities and hence She is called Parashakti or Paradevi – Para meaning beyond .

Brahma created the universe.
Vishnu controls and runs the universe.
Shiva along with Shakti is engaged in the eternal dissolution and recreation of the universe.
The Bindu in the center of the Shreechakra is the symbolic representation of the cosmic spiritual union of Shiva and Shakti. Apart from that the Shreechakra also embodies countless number of deities and represents the whole of creation.

Properly Knowledge and GuruPaduka 

Hence by worshipping the Devi in Shreechakra one is actually worshipping the highest ultimate force in the Tantrik form.
The Shodashakshari mantra is one of the most guarded secretes of tantra. Usually the Guru gives it to a highly deserving and tested disciple. Very few get it. Even in the Mantra Shastra, where all other mantras are openly and clearly given, the Shodashakshari Mantra is not directly given. There are several traditions of the worshipping the Shreechakra. We are giving here a very simple and still very effective pooja of Shreechakra. It is known as the Shreechakra Navavarana pooja as per the Khadgamala Vidhi. For all round spiritual and material benefits it is a highly effective pooja. Any one can perform it.
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