Sri Chamunda Pujan (Eng)


Normally Mother Chamunda is considered as the main diety of Siddha Kunjika Stotra and Durga Saptashati. She is considered as the cumulative energy of Mahakali, Mahalakshmai and Mahasaraswati. Chamunda means the power that can remove all the negativity such as fear, ego, anger, greed, lust from the mind of the seeker and purify it for receiving spiritual grace and material abundance.

This sadhna of Sri CHamunda Devi is done usually to perfect the practice of Siddha Kunjika and receive the key to open the power Siddha Kunjika and Durga Saptashati. Since it has the combined energy of the three goddesses her worship could be used to pacify the Kula Devi of anyones family even if they do not know who their Kula Devi is. If someone has not done worship of Kuladevi for a long time then she might not be happy and the family might not be receiving the grace and blessings of their Kula Devi. This sadhna will help resolve this and open doors of positivity and remove negativity from the lives and minds of the sadhak and their family. If you are experiencing obstacles in your job or business, mental or physical challenges, are confused what to do what not to do, have a lot of tussel and negativity in your life, then this sadhna will greatly help you. This is also capable of removing any aspects of black magic, occult curses, influence of negative spirits and entities.

With the help of this sadhna you can remove hurdles and obstacles such as:-

  1. Money issues: If there is a blockage of any kind on you because of which you are not experiencing prosperity and abundance in your life then this will be removed to allow free flow of Lakshmi into your life.
  2. Someone has put a psychic blockage or black magic on you such that you are experiencing lots of hurdles in achieving your desired goals and dreams.
  3. If there is lot of negativity in the house you are living in which is causing health and other issues such as lack of mental peace, peace in family life and relationships.
  4. If you have negative energy on you of any kind because of which you are not able to succeed and move forward in life. Some times we see people are luck for others but not for themselves. If they go with others then the other persons work gets done but their own work gets stuck. This sadhna can remove such negativity around you.
  5. If you have disturbance from Pitras or ancestors and Kula devi devtas and they are creating obstacles in your life as they are not happy for with the family. This could go on for generations and affect life of your children, it can even create problems in conceiving and expanding family. This often also resolves hurdles in marriage and finding a suitable life partner in life.
  6. If you have severe planetary affliction then this has the ability to pacify that. It is specially useful if you are going through the Mahadasha of Shani or Rahu and can protect you from ill effects of these planets.
  7. If you have a lot of karmic baggage from previous births that is not allowing you to succeed spiritually.

Usually people think that doing only Mantra Japa of a diety is enough but in reality sadhna is not done like that and such sadhna if not done properly can create further problems in your life. In this sadhna we are teaching you how to perform Tarpan and Abhishekam of Sri Chamunda Devi and it is one of the first time this process is published like this in India.

Abhishekam – Special Worship of Devi Chamunda as Kuladevi:

Often people do not know who their Kuladevi is and this causes lots of issues in the family and continued distress generation after generation. We teach you how to pacify and receive blessing of your Kuladevi through this very significant ritual worship of Mother Chamunda. This is very important and can resolve almost half of the problems you are facing in your life. Kuladevi’s blessings are fundamental to the well being of any person or family.

Sri Chamunda Tarpan:

Water ritual to pacify and activate each and every devta/diety of the Chamunda Mantra using prescribed herbs and tarpan mantras. Every Beejakshar of the mantra has a devta associated with it who needs to be pacified (Tripta). Unless we do this the full energy of the mantra doesn’t come to play and you do not receive the results you are looking for. This activates the dormant energy of the mantra. Its a very important step and very few people know or teach how to do this.

Please note: This course is in English and is created for those who cannot do the Siddha Kunjika Sadhna Course which is in Hindi.

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