Sri Chinnamasta Goddess

Sri Chinnamasta Goddess

Sri Chinnamasta Goddess

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All here may have heard about Chinnamasta Goddess .She has many names . She is very high energy which we will not be able to understand it completely but here are the some points about it .

These are the important points and aspects about Chinnamasta .

She is depicted holding her own head, which she has just cut off. She is known as the self-decapitated Goddess and also as Prachanda Chandika. She is a form of Shakti with ferocious power. Chinnamasta actually means, “severed head”, and in dharma, she is often correlated with fearsome nature .

Chinnamasta is symbolic of life, death, and sex – the three forms of transformation and the three parts of the cycle. Her stance could be the victory over the samsara – the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Who worships Chinnamasta and why,  what she does .

Tantric practitioners do worship her to acquire siddhis and supernatural powers. But, some  places, people worship her as Goddess Kali.
While she is completely different form goddess Kali .

She is the source of energy and she has divine many qualities as well .
She is the source of many Tantric power as well .

She gives the energy of power to a particular person or identity to use it accordingly the individual wants .

She is the great teacher of self sacrifice , Tantric Vidya, function of the human life processes , acquirement of powers .

There are many types in Tantric Vidya such as , 
1. Bhasma vidya
2. Gada vidya
3. Bhurya vidya
4. Chandalini vidhya
5. Mateshkarem vidya

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