Sri-Lalita SahaSranaam | Part 5 | Word: ” Devakarya Samudyata ” 

Sri-Lalita SahaSranaam | Part 5 | Word: ” Devakarya Samudyata ” 

? Sri-Lalita SahaSranaam ? – Part 5

 Word: ” Devakarya Samudyata ” 


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Today we will try to understand the noun of this word “Devakarya Samudyata” in the fifth part of Sri-Lalita SahaSranama.

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 “Devakarya Samudyata” …. To understand the interpretation of this word you have to read our previous part. Because Lalita Parmeshwari’s characters’ each power has been explained in  each and every word

You must have read religious texts like Devi Bhagwat, Durga Saptashati. In all these texts, Indra and other godss call Adishakti when tortured by demons. Goddess too respond to  the prayers and manifest to do the work of the Gods.

“Devakarya Samudyata” has been applied with regard to this quality of Goddess. She is always ahead to do their work.

In most of the legends and stories, we read about the War between  the Gods,  Goddesses  and Demons. Today a goddess is being revealed, she had so many hands, so many weapons, so-and-so weapon she hurled, different conch shells and bells were sounded.

In the same way,  so-and-so demon, he had so-and-so knowledge, he tormented the people in such and such ways, are the stories we listen to. Most people only take pleasure in just listening to the stories.

In the Spiritual world, every person has a “gross body – subtle body – causal body – supernatural body”. Each body also has hundreds of PETA parts, which are outside of thinking.

Why am I telling you all this deeply here, because among demons there are many levels and caste societies. The intellect, ability, power, warfare skills and power of penance are also different. Based on these powers all these demons fight. Not all the demons go  to Kailas or go to conquer Lord Vishnu. All three gods reside in casual body.  The Gods like Indra have their limits up to the subtle bodies. If a demon wins over Lord Indra, it does mean  that he will conquer the trinity. From the gross tillthe  supernatural  world there exist a  great intense knowledge.

Even the Trinity together could not defeat Bhandasura. That means  his capacity was more than the Trinity.  Hence one of the Dasamavidya Goddesses, Sri-Lalita Parmeshwari, had to manifest.

Think of this article as a subject, otherwise the seeker gets swept in the emotions and leaves the main subject of knowledge.


All these demons  are enriched with many types of powers. Ignorance is also a very big force. And ignorance does not only mean just lack of knowledge, formation of different types of diseases, a party of body being damaged, paralyzed,  a part of body infected with parasites  is also a part of ignorance. These disease-producing elements are a form of demon itself. If continued with writing this article, it will be very long one

 “Devakarya Samudyata” ….. To understand this word, you have to understand all this detail.

Sri-Vidya Sadhana teaches all this. Therefore Srividya Sadhana should never be taken in a crowd of thousands in a wrong way. Avdhoot Dattatreya ji also did not take it and Adishankaracharya ji also did not take it. Both  of them did external worship of  Srividya.


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