Sri Lalita Sahasranama Part 2 ( Srimarahagyani / Majesty )

Sri Lalita Sahasranama Part 2 ( Srimarahagyani / Majesty )

Srilalita Sahasranama ?Part 2
Word: Srimarahagyani ( Majesty )

Namastubhya friends,
All of you are welcome to Srividya Peetham.

The second word in Srilalita Sahasranama is Srimarahagyani.
Devi has been awarded the word form of very high quality.

Complete Srilitha Sahasranama It is made up of a code language. It is like finding a way to find treasure among thousands of tunnels and countless cabs inside such a large Egyptian pyramid.

Often you will see that many people will meet seekers who have taken Srividya initiation.
But after two to four years are gone, many of these seekers gradually become misunderstood, they have become misunderstood.
Without Gurupaduka mantra is not Complete Srividya initiation.

The meaning of the word Vidya in Srividya is to receive education. Ignoring the original subject, many seekers get involved in chanting the Panchadasi mantra.
No knowledge of Gurupaduka Mantra and just holding wrong initiation in the name of Shridattatreya .

If you look deeply at the same word, Shri Mahārāgyānī, then in this word three spores of the Shodashi mantra of Srividya are hidden. In Srividya cultivation, it is important to understand Srividya cultivation method before understanding Shodashi science. Like if we are required to take the first Srimanhaganapati Sadhana initiation in the Srividya tradition of Sridattatreya Sriparasuramji. Then comes the second Sree Rajamatangi, the third Srimahvarahi, the fourth Sribala Parameshwari, the fifth Sree Panchadashi Diksha and the sixth Shodashi Mantra.

You will find this same grace in Srilalita Sahasranama. When fifteen arts of Panchadasi are invented in Srividya Sadhana, 16th Art (Kala) Guru provides.It is a secret verb. He also has a rule that before Shodashi Srividya initiation there is a rule to stay with the Guru for at least one year.

Why that? Because the same is kept secret.

Now what is this Ragyi Word ?
Words Ra is related to the Manipur Chakra, where the light of the soul is said to be located there. The seeker is required to receive the light of his soul from the Manipur Chakra in order to listen to the heavens that resonate in the space of the heart wheel.

R + Aa = Ra …. words are formed.
If we put the word R aside, then the word ie “obedient” is formed.
These commands are related to the cycle.

And Gyanee = E The words E are related to the Sahasrara Chakra.
So Goddess Srilita Tripurasundari has three parts of her body.
One – from the waist to the foot,
the second – from the waist to the heart,
the third – from the heart to Sahasrara means the crown.

These three parts are the three codes of Panchadashi initiation.

The word Ragyni establishes the infinite position of the goddess.

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