Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama | Part 3 | Word: ShriMat-SiMhasaneShwari – 2 

Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama | Part 3 | Word: ShriMat-SiMhasaneShwari – 2 

🔔Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama 🔔Part 3

   Word: ShriMat-SiMhasaneShwari – 2 


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You read previous article , we learned a lot of interpretation of the word ” Shri-Mat-Simhasaneshwari “ , today we see the part ahead of it.

In Srividya Sadhana in the practice of Sri-Yantra, Sri-Lalitha Parmeshwari’s Seat is situated in the Central point or midpoint. This is called Pancha-Pretaasana, which is made up of five spirits. Hence we mentioned about the Panchamundi Seat in yesterday’s article.

The Goddess Sri-Lalita Tripurasundari  is sitting on the Central point  of the Sri-Yantra on the corpse of Sadasiva. Her throne has four hooves,  they are the four directions of Sri-Yantra. These four directions mean the four doors of SriYantra.

In these four directions of Sri-Yantra, Goddess Lalita divides herself into four models and sits on four different Seats, in the center she is seated herself. The defense of all these seats or the powers of these four seats are Bhairavi.

Now let us see what are the four hooves of each seat in these four seats and what are their Shaktis or powers.

1) Throne in the East direction of Sri-Yantra

Here the Goddess Sri-Lalita is in the form of Tripura sundari, Bala Tripura and the four powers of her seat are the four powers Sampadaprada Bhairavi, Chaitanya Bhairavi, Chaitanya Bhairavi,  Bhairavi protect this asana.


2) Throne in the South direction of Sri-Yantra

Here the Goddess Lalita is in the form of Aghor Bhairavi. The four hooves of  this throne are Mahabhairavi, Lalitabhairavi, Kameshi Bhairavi, Raktanetra Bhairavi etc.


3) Throne in the West direction of Sri-Yantra

Here the goddess Lalitha Shatkuta Bhairavi is here. The four hooves of this seat are the Nitya Bhairavi, Mrit Sanjeevani Devi, Mrityunjaypara Devi, Vajra Prastarini


4) Throne in the  North direction  of Sriyantra

Here the goddess Lalita Bhuvaneshwari Bhairavi is here.

The four hooves of this seat  are  Kamleshwari Bhairavi, Siddha Kouleshi Bhairavi, Damar Bhairavi, Kamini Bhairavi etc


The center piece  of this throne  which are in all the four directions, is situated in the middle of the Sriyantra. The four hoof shaktis or powers here are beautiful. From here the five spirits (Vishnu Ishwar Rudra Brahma Sadashiva) along with his Bhairavi shaktis  lead the throne of the four directions of the Sriyantra. At this midpoint, Panch mukhi Shiva sits with his wife Kameshwari form Lalita.

That is why it is important to have knowledge of Srividya Amnaya while taking initiation in Srividya Sadhana. This is Shiva Amnaya. Do not know how many people have been trapped by taking wrong Srividya initiation and spending millions of money, and they are repenting today.


The practice of Srividya sadhana is long and extended. The discussion with Guru on different aspects should be done from time to time. For more information on Srividya,



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