Sri-Lalita SahaSranama | Part 4 | Word : Chitagnikunda Sambhuta 

Sri-Lalita SahaSranama | Part 4 | Word : Chitagnikunda Sambhuta 

? Sri-Lalita SahaSranama ? Part 4

Word : Chitagnikunda Sambhuta



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Today we will try to understand the noun of this word ” Chidagni-kundasambhuta ” in the fourth part of Sri-Lalita Saharanama.

The entire Lalitha Sahasranama is in a way a foundational part of whatever knowledge  and science is needed  before entering Srividya Sadhana.

Many seekers will be taking Srividya Sadhana initiation, but like I said earlier, after many years they understand how they had taken wrong initiation. Why  Lalita Sahasranama has been constructed?

Guru Sage Agatysa insisted a lot, he wanted  to know the form and origin of that Adishakti. After meditating three times for  thousands of  years, Vishnu form Hayagreev  first introduced him to Vashinadi Vagavadini powers to explain the nature of that Adiparashakti and introduced him to the entire Empire – history – character – sequence of practice – expansion – power of Srilalita. The same introduction is known as Lalita Sahasranama. Many seekers ignore this basic course of nectar.

What is Chidagni-kund?. 

Before understanding this, it is important to understand what is Bhandasura.

Bhandasura is a pot  full of ignorance. He is such a  pot which even the Gods like Indra and Tridev  could not break. That means he was  born with highest of  ignorance, think about it. To break such a fierce ignorant pot, Adiparashakti herself had to be born. The place where Srilalitha Devi was born is called Chidagnikund.

All the gods and goddesses gathered in the dock of the Himalayas and performed one of the greatest austerities. A huge yagna fire was lit. Sri Lalitha manifested from the same fire. When manifestation was happening, that ordinary fire took the form of the highest level. Because ordinary fire is not capable of manifesting such a great power. There are many types of fire. Different fire is invoked for each task and persuance  to Hell, Heaven  and all other folklore, in order to invoke the shaktis or powers, fire is called upon.

Chidagnikund is addressed as the same fire. What is Chid?  The transcendal knowledge (Srilitha),  to break the  pot of ignorance.  In a way, if you look deeply, Brahma Vishnu, Shiva  could not defeat the demon named Bhandasura. Even the Tridev could not defeat the ignorance named Bhandasura with their all knowledge. Their  knowledge power also weakened. That tell us  how big  this ignorance is? This is the biggest research topic. The ignorance that cannot be broken even of Tridev. And Sri lalitha had to take birth to break it.

This knowledge is a battle of ignorance. That is why we say to the seekers, before getting into Srividya Sadhana, take primary knowledge. Here, lakhs of people the name of enjoyment and salvation, have wasted millions of rupees  by practicing wrong srividya.

Just as a tree cannot stand without its root, its life becomes in vain.  Similarly living a life without knowledge in the world is a Curse. If the Srividya seeker is not given the real meaning of how he gets enjoyment and salvation, then his life is also cursed.


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