Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama | Part 7 | Word:  ” Chatur-Bahu Samnvitaa ” 

Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama  

Part 7 | Word:  ” Chatur-Bahu Samnvitaa ” 



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Today we will try to understand the noun of this word “Chatur-Bahu Samnvitaa” in the seventh part in Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama


“Chatur-Bahu Samnvitaa” , When we read this word we know that the Goddess has four arms.  

She is conferred upon this title ” Chatur-Bahu Samnvitaa ”  because she is endowed with four arms.  Now its ambit does not limit up to this explanation.


If you try to take core knowledge of this in Srividya Sadhana, then we have to make ten parts of this article which will be very extensive knowledge.

When Srividya sadhak takes initiation of Panchadasi from the right tradition and with Guru, then Guru also shares with you the hidden aspects.


First of all, understand that when Lalita Parameshwari expands herself, then her arms also expand.

As for understanding,

1) Bala Tripurasundari

2) Lalitha Tripurasundari

3) Shodashi Tripurasundari

4) Mahashodashi Tripurasundari… This is Rajarajeshwari Lalitha Tripurasundari, who is also called Mahatripurasundari when she attains fullness. And its hidden form is Kameshwari.


Lalita herself extends herself according to Time – Place – Amnaya.

If four arms  of Lalita is integrated, then she becomes Rajarajeshwari when eight arms becomes integrated,  and she becomes Kameshwari when integrated with twelve arms.


In the first part itself we explained that when Vashini and Vagdevtas started singing the song  Lalitha Sahasranama, then there were millions of names, and Sage Agastya  could pick up only one thousand names. If you just use logic for the expansion of millions of names, then in today’s context,  one thousand names are only a tiny part of the great Empire of Lalitha.

Here we do not know how many people are stuck up in wrong types of Sri Vidya practices. In the name of Dattatreya Ji, by taking wrong initiation of  Srividya the practitioners are chanting Panchadasi

Now when  only Panchadasi Mantra chanting begun to realize in one sound then the four arms of Lalitha starts realizing.  


“Chatur-Bahu Samnvitaa”   means  the four states i.e. Awakened – Dream – Sushupti – Turiya. They are represented by symbols of  sugarcane bow – flower arrows – noose –  goad. In Shodashi form, a symbol of parrot gets added.



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