Sri-Lalita SahaSranama | Part 9 |  Word : Krodha-Karang Kusho-Jjwala 

Sri-Lalita SahaSranama | Part 9 | Word : Krodha-Karang Kusho-Jjwala 

Sri-Lalita SahaSranama | Part 9

Word : Krodha-Karang Kusho-Jjwala 



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Today we will try to understand the noun of this word “Krodha-Karang Kusho-Jjwala ” in the ninth part of  Srilalitha Sahasranama.

 “Krodha-Karang Kusho-Jjwala  ” has two words Anger and goad.


Goad or Ankush is a weapon used by elephant rider or  mahaut  to control the elephant.


The same goad or  Ankush Devi is also in the hands of Sri-Lalita SahaSranama.

Mahut uses  the goad  only when the  elephants behave contrary to their ways and become frantic   and use their physical force furiously. To control the elephant’s anger, Mahut uses the goad with anger to curb him.   

This name describes the goad of the goddess.


There is a famous proverb in Hindi that “his work should be restrained, his habits should be reined in.

Restrain means if there is excess running water, stop it, to curtail any bad thing, rein in  bad behavior in someone.


Many people chant the word स्तंभय स्तंभय or Immobile while  chanting Sreebagalamukhi Devi. It is as if their enemy will die.

Some such words come in many mantras, such as स्तंभय – immobility, विनाशय – destruction, ज्रुभय – deflection , संमोहनाय – , hypnosis बंधनाय – captivity. By pronouncing these words, it seems that the enemy will go directly to the crematorium. But nothing like this actually happens.


When a bad subject gets going. When stopped  only the good inside it comes out 

In the same way, when someone’s anger is curbed with the goad, then the sattvic wisdom hidden in the smoke of anger comes out. Anger always promotes provocation which progresses and turns into adversity


When anger gives provocation, it not only gives only your mind, but under its influence eyes (approach ) – pronunciation of words (wrong) – raising of hands – thinking of bad things etc

Now, understand one thing here, while reading this, you are using your gross body and gross intelligence. Your gross body and gross intelligence are mortal. After a while you will get an eternal body after death, which we can also call a subtle body. The subtle body also includes lust subtle body, Vampire body, Obstructed Body, spirit body, Spirit body of departed ancestors and unquenchable body. And we do not know their age and limit and for how many years it lasts.

And most people are engrossed in the physical world. Rather, we should practice meditation as to how to wander through the subtle world.


Friends, all this knowledge does not drop from nowhere by uttering Shiva Shiva. Therefore, it is necessary to be face to face with the Guru. The experiences of floating in the air are a maze. “Krodhakarang Kushojjwala” ……. This shadow of anger is also on the subtle body and the subtle mind. We are only thinking of physical body.


The weapon called Noose in the Devi’s hands is a symbol of will power. In the same way, the weapon named goad is a symbol of knowledge power

The great Parashakti Sri Rajarajeshwari binds the love with the noose and scold anger with the goad . But even her goad is in the form of anger, but it also has affection.

Raga is an attachment or indulgence. Human beings do not know how big is the microcosm or subtle world. It has been said in Srividya that the subtle world is twice as big as the gross world, and the extreme subtle world is twice as much as the subtle world. Hence in Srividya, Vidya means “to acquire knowledge”.

Therefore SriVidya is on dire tion of guru or Gurugami, because its has to taken face to face with the Guru and not in the crowd of thousands. That is why the goddess has goad in her right hand.


By the way, there are many types of Goad. Different for the gods, different for the demons and their ability is also different.



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