Sri Nakuli Rajshyamala Devi

II Shree Nakuli Rajshyamla Goddess II 
Om, Dear Friends warm regards and wishing you all happy prosperous maghi Gupt Navratri.
We warmly welcome you all  at Shreevidya   Sanjivan peetham , Thane
On auspious third day of ShreeRajshyamala  matangishwari navratri “,  ” Goddess ShreeNakuliShyamala “ worshiped is performed to attain blessings.
By  blessing of  My Guru  , I am sharing  this highly sacred and valuable knowledge in front of you . Goddess ShreeNakuli has immense importance in Kundalini awaking science. Her importance is narrated as below in given verses, : –
Nakuli Vajradantali sadhya Jivhahi Damshini l
Bhakta Vakratva Janani Bhavneeya Saraswati ll

Goddess ShreeNakuli  Shyamla not only participated in  war waged by Goddess Lalita against  Demon  Bhandasur but also showed excellent performance in this war.

Lets seek , How did Goddess Nakuli appeared in this war, In war bewteen Goddess Lalita and Demon Bhandasur , Bhandasur asked his  five mighty general commanders to avalnche against Goddess Lalita and her army. These five generals were namely Karanga, Kakavseeta, Vajraloma, Vajramukha & vajradanta.

All these generals used their occult powers and introduced sarpini astra and used against disciples of Shree Lalita Goddess  such as Yakshini,Yogini,Vajra,Nitya,Bala,Bhairavi. By the help of this sarpini astra, generals produced large numbers of  venomous sankes, Upon Observing this Goddess Shree Lalita introduced GoddessShree Nakula from her body. Goddess Nakula created Asheenkulastra to counterattack  venomous poisonous snakes,

Asheen means Mongoose & astra means weapon. These Mongoose were bleseed with very hard teeth as hard as diamonds. These mongoose killed many venomous snakes which were produced by sarpini power. Upon this Sarpini power iincreased the numbers of poisonous snakes to attack army personnel & disciples of Goddess Shree Lalita. By observing this sinister act of  sarpini power, Goddess Nakuli lost her temper and Introduced Garudaastra(eagle waepon). She impacted this Garudaastra directly on sarpini power and destroyed it in fraction of time.

Dear friends, I have already informed you about garudastra in my previous blog articles,kindly go through those blogs to learn more about it.
Now lets understand this story in different context  of kundalini awaking science. Lets try to realise what does sarpini, mongoose symbolised for.This sarpini power represents Kundalini and many people awakes this kundalini by wrong methodology and before they realised their mistakes,its too late for them and experiences side effects of wrong methodology.

At many places where kundalini awakening courses are conducted, it has been observed that people start jumping or vibrating in abnormal way evenafter hearing  sound of slighest volume. It is quite pitty that many considers this act as Kundalini awaking which is rather Kundalini irritation or downfall of Kundalini. I have come across several people, who attended some  Yoga courses of kundalini awaking,by wrong methodology and then faces serious problems in physical and spiritual life. Here, one has to remember that awaking Kundalini by wrong methodology is disrespect of Kundalini. People,who try to awaking Kundalini by  wrong method are playing with power which they are not familarised and also not aware of its consequences.

  • Just imagine ,if you are locked in room with 10 feet long black coloured snake, then how you will put controll & command over him? If you don’t controll over him, He will continuosly chase behind you and will make every moment painfull ,threatfull. Likewise, in Kundalini awaking if you are awaking Kundalini by wrong method then that energy will make your life as a hell.
Therefore, In Kriyayoga and ShreeVidya, one must studied sharabh sadhna, Garuda Sadhana,Nrusinha Sadhana to  keep swadhisthan chakra intact and kundalini awakining in correct path.
When,one starts working on Kundalini awaking, many paranormal forcess either evil or other from paranormal world and put hurdles in that process. At, such time one must have some powers to overcome hurdles in path of kundalini awakening. In path of Kundalini awakning, Kundalini incarnates itself in several  illusive forces and put a person in several illusive traps.Therefore,to avalanche on right path of Kundalini awakening, one must have knowldge of Nakuli sadhana.
As, I mentioned there were five mighty commanders of bhandasura who attacked on Goddess Shree Lalita’s army. Out of these five commander one was,son of Bhandasura who’s name was Karanga. Meaning of Karanga is one who is stuborn with brainless head and gives no value to opinions of another. This Karanga, creates a lot illusion, doubts and stupidity in mind of  disciple of Shreevidya, Which therfore confirms importance of Goddess Shree Nakula in Shree Vidya Sadhana.
Today, we stop at here.
In upcoming articles,we will seek other important aspects.
?Parmeshwari Nilayam ?
Shree Vidya Peetham, Thane

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Dr. Kushal Bhatte

Ph.D., Chemistry


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