Sri Shuk Shyamla Matangi ?

Sri Shuk Shyamla Matangi ?

Sri Shuk RajShyamla Matangi Devi ?

Namaste , Dear Friends regards and wishing you all happy and prosperous Maghi Gupt (Secret) Navratri.  I cordially welcome you all at Shreevidya Sanjeevan Sadhna Peetham.
Today ,on auspicious eighth day of Shree Rajshyamala Matangeshwari Navaratri worship of revered Goddess Shree Shuk Shyamala devi is performed.
Many followers of Shreevidyapeetham@Thane are worshiping ShreeRajshyamala in this secret navratri at own home. I pray that all these worshipper should be blessed by revered Goddess.

Goddess Shuk Shyamala is often seen to  talk with divine parraot.This is symbol of  divine discussion through didvine language. Goddess Rajshyamala is also incarnated as 64 arts of Lord ShreeKrishna.

In worship of Shreeyantra,several layers of Shreeyantra are worshiped by inviting 64 arts on lts layers. Upon invitation of these 64 arts over Shreeyantra, different layers  of Shreeyantra then worshiped by holly water .These arts are no other than light rays of  Goddess Shree Rajshyamala.
In ShreeVidya Sadhna, Rajshyamala is second stage Goddess. She is also refered as Vishnu Granthi Vibhedini in Lalita Sahstranama.(Sahastranama  means 1000  different names of Goddess Lalita). She is also observed as Halyadini power of ShreeKrishna.

Shuka means parrot. This parrot is sitting on right shoulder of Goddess. His beak is towards right side ear of goddess, this parrot narrates all 64 arts  into goddess ear.

This shuk Shyamala has also incarnated into Goddess Shree Meenakshi Amman,of Tamilnadu.

Except, Goddess Rajshyamala and Goddess Meenakshi these divine parrot is sitting  on left side shoulder of  godesses which are incarnation of ShreeMatangi.
ShreeMatangi Goddess bestow Music and dance arts to her worshipper.This parrot on her shoulder is  symbol of decoding 64 arts coming from supernatural world.
This divine  parrot is refered as  a Sage Shukdeva.

Different 64 arts are as below.

1.Singing, 2.Instrumental music, 3.Dancing, 4.Painting, 5.Forehead adornments, 6.Making decorative floral and grain designs on the floor, 7.Home and temple flower arranging, 8.Personal grooming, 9.Mosaic tiling, 10.Bedroom arrangements, 11.Creating music with water, 12.Splashing and squirting with water, 13.Secret mantras, 14.Making flower garlands, 15.Head adornments, 16.Dressing,  17.Costume decorations, 18.Perfumery,.          19.Jewellery making, 20.Magic and illusions, 21.Ointments for charm and virility, 22.Manual dexterity, 23.Skills of cooking ,eating and drinking, 24.Beverage and dessert preparation, 25.Sewing(making and mending garments) 26.Embroidery, 27.Playing veena and drums, 28Riddles and rhymes, 29.Poetry and games, 30.Tongue-twisters and difficult recitations, 31.Literary recitation, 32.Drama and story telling  33.Verse composition game, 34.Furniture caning, 35.Sexual arts, 36.Crafting wooden furniture, 37.Architecture and house construction, 38.Distinguishing between ordinary and precious stones and metals, 39.Metal-working, 40.Gems and mining, 41.Gardening and horticulture, 42.Games involving animals, 43.Training parrots and mynas to speak, 44.Hair dressing, 45.Coding messages, 46.Speaking in code, 47.Knowledge of foreign languages and dialects, 48.Making flower carriages, 49.Spells,charms and omens, 50.Making simple mechanical devices, 51.Memory training, 52.Game of reciting verses from hearing, 53.Decoding messages, 54.Meaning of words, 55.Dictionary studies, 56.Prosody and rhetoric, 57.Impersonation,.  58.Artful dressing, 59.Games of dice, 60.The game of ‘akarsha'(a dice game played on a board), 61.Making dolls and toys for children, 62.Personal etiquette and animal training, 63.Knowledge of dharmic warfare and victory, 64.Physical culture.
Friends, at various Shreevidya  courses,  at different  places noone get such a valuable information. I have received   phone calls from lot of people who spent  thousands of rupees in  courses but at the end  they  get only frustrations. one can not easily  understand these  sacred  mahavidya  in course which runs  among  thousands of people for money making purpose.
Goddess  Matangishwari  stays in  Hridaychakra and then shows magic of 64 arts.One has to  nurture the art  of  understanding these 64  arts  under  guidance  of true Guru.
Many thanks & Regards,
?परमेश्वरी निलयम?
SriVidya Pitham , Thane
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