Sri Vidya Essentials

        Sri Vidya Essentials

Literally translating to “auspicious knowledge” Sri Vidya is a Brahm Vidya that was held secret and was given only to the purest of the pure and best of the best disciple by their Gurus. It is said that if you receive Sri Vidya in your life then that is your last birth as it disentagles you from the cycle of birth and death. Worship of the Divine mother Lalita Tripurasundari this sadhna has been done even by Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh themselves. It is said that the saptarishis got the ability to write Vedas only after practicing Sri Vidya. Shakti takes innumerable forms across the eons and worshipping her in the form of a Sri Yantra provides us tremendous inner transformation on our spiritual journey. She has trapped us into Maya the world of names and forms and its through her grace only that we can come out of it.

In Sri Vidya Gyan Yoga or path of knowledge is given equal importance to sadhna hence acquiring knowdge about Sri Vidya and its associated subjects is a must. That is why we have chosen this method of Online satsang where we can share with you the auspcious knowledge. Listening is considered as a sadhna in itself specially in this age of Kali yuga, its equivalent to doing a gyan yagna or knowledge worship so when you participate in the satsang and it has the ability to transform your life situation and you.

This 5-part satsang series will provide students with a solid foundation on Sri Vidya its principles and practices. We take you through a journey in the world of Maha Vidya Shodashi and explain to you step by step the different esoteric aspects of Sri Vidya, through the intricate stories concepts and terminology, to build your understanding and knowledge as you progress! With so many misconceptions around this great knowledge we have tried here to provide knowledge as close to the scriptures as possible maintaining the authenticity of it where possible.

You will also learn short hymns from the Brahmanda Purana and a Samayachar method of worship that requires nothing except your mind and devotion.

Satsang 1 :

Origin Of Sri Vidya

Who are the main acharya/gurus of Sri Vidya.

Learn about Bhagwan Dattatreya, Parashuram, Agastya Mahamuni, Lopamudra, and other Sages.

How they learnt and practiced Sri Vidya.

How did Lalita Sahasranaam and Lalita Trishati Originate.

Importance of Guru diksha and Guru paduka, initiation by a Guru and worship of Lotus feet of Guru.

Satsang 2 :

Shiv-Aamnaya in Sri Vidya

Origin of Panchadashi mantra and Kamraj Vidya.

What are Kadi Hadi and Sadi Vidyas.

What are the Main Aamnaya of Sri Vidya.

What is the correct procedure of Sri Vidya Sadhna.

What is Samayachar and Kaulachar.

What is Apara, Para and Parapara puja in Sri Vidya.

Satsang 3 :

Esoteric Aspects of Sri Vidya

Mother Lalita Tripurasundari and her various forms of Sri Bala, Sri Lalita, Sri Shodashi and Sri Rajarajeshwari devatas.

Meaning of word Deva, Devi and Devta in Sri Vidya.

Story of the origin of Sri Lalita Tripurasundari.

Weapons of Lalita Tripurasundari and their meaning.

Satsang 4 :

Sriyantra, Kundalini and Urdhvaamna

What is the secret of Kundalini in Sri Vidya.

How Sri Vidya sadhna purifies the passage of Kundalini for its ascension.

Understanding the Sri Yantra concept and geometry.

What is the correct sequence of worship to follow in Sri Vidya.

Satsang 5 : Sri Lalita and Panchadashi Mantra

Sri Lalita and understanding the various aspects Panchadasi Mantra.

Understanding Sri Bala and Sri Lalita Tripurasundari and their mantras.

Sri Shodashi Devi and her mantra, Purna Abhishekam ceremony.

Powerful ritual to remove karmic blockages and appease Kula devtas and Pitras/Ancestors.

Stotra for daily practice and Samayachar method of Sri Vidya.

Sadhaks will leave this course with:

  • A deeper understanding of Sri Vidya its principles and practices.
  • Misconceptions and doubts cleared about Dvait and Adviat, Samayachar and Kaulachar, Internal and External worship of Sri Vidya.
  • A foundation in the principles Sri Vidya sadhna as per Parashuram Kalpa Sutra the authentic source of Sri Vidya.
  • An understanding of Shodashi mahavidya and her associated devis in form of Sri Bala, Sri Lalita, Sri Shodashi and Sri Rajarajeshwari.
  • Powerful ritual to remove the blockages they are experiencing in their physical material and spiritual life that is sabotaging their progress.
  • Daily practice sadhna using one of the most powerful stotra in Sri Vidya.
  • Awareness of how the universe was created what is our place in this universe and how can be go back to the source from where we came !
  • A strong foundation for continued Sri Vidya practice.

Students enrolled in this course will receive:

  • 21 Recorded Video Lectures organized in 5 satsangs in both HINDI and ENGLISH
  • Guided meditation and script to practice sadhna.
  • Email support to answer any questions you have.
  • Access to Online platform compatible with your laptop, mobile and tablet.

Price Rs 5000/$125

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For any questions about the course please contact us by email or whatsapp as above.


Excellent program. Watched the satsang videos in the course. Can even feel divine energy flow while listening. Thanks a lot for starting this channel of sharing the grace. When I was listening to the satsang – a very strong jhatka was experienced in the spine around heart area as if something released. It felt lighter afterwards. ~ Pankaj

I can experience change already – I have strange imbalance in left and right side of body/brain (can sense no energy on right side, as well also at physical level). I made this sankalpa for balance harmony between left-right (body,brain nadis etc). Today morning, I am sensing change and flow and more balance. There was a lot of incessant chatter and I prayed for calmness and mental peace – since morning today I am more peaceful and calm ~ Yatin

I started listening so blissful, I have been doing Maa sadhna for last eight years and so happy to get this enlightening satsang. My wife also a Sri Vidya sadhak wants to enrol. ~ Srivatsa

I had done so many courses of Kundalini attunement. But I come to know the real meaning of Kundalini energy through your course. Few months back I did the Tibetan bowl course with which we can read aura, at that time I saw few colors of aura and my ancestors, but when came home and tried again I couldnt see anything in meditation. After doing your course I came to know the truth that this is all just hypnosis and adjusting frequencies of the brain, this is not spirituality. Thank you Guru ji for giving us such divine knowledge. I am truly feeling blessed. ~ Sanjay

The meditation you have given as per Sri Vidya Samayachar method is very powerful, I have done other meditations in which they create Sri yantra mentally but do not invoke Devi in it and do not teach how to perform her worship. I am so Happy to have learnt how to perform Samayachar worship and Abhishekam of Devi. ~ Yatin

I have listened to all the satsangs in your Sri Vidya Essentials course, they have a lot of deep knowledge in them which I have never heard before. I saw a lot of Youtube videos on Sri Vidya but got confused. In your course you have explained each aspect of Sri Vidya with a lot of clarity and detail. ~ Amol

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