Sri_Dattatreya’s Bramhastra_Vidya

Sri_Dattatreya’s Bramhastra_Vidya

Sri_Dattatreya’s Bramhastra_Vidyaबगलामुखी

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SriDatta, who is one of the major Deities in Hinduism, is regarded as a Guru and Bramastra Vidya.

Datta is worshipped in both the Hindu and Jain faiths. He is considered to be a guru because he imparts knowledge to his devotees and also because he bestows knowledge on those who seek it. He is also considered a bramastra vidya because of his great power.

Bramastra Vidya is a Sanskrit word that means “knowledge of the stars”.
This word refers to the knowledge of Astronomy and Astrology. The word Bramastra also refers to the knowledge of time, which is measured in terms of years, months, days and nights.

Brahma and Brahmastra Vidya are two different world.
Brahmashtra vidya also includes knowledge about green energy , soil energy , Bhudevi knowledge and bhumi energy types .

It’s not so easy to understand any vidya by name.

‘ Bhudevi ‘ part in Brahmashtra Vidya is that the weapons made by the energy handled by Bhudevi and to destroy any thing on Bhulok.

Bhudevi part is acknowledged by BandhKarsh Grantha and Jawashtrayash Granth .

We are dealing with some more deep and ancient rituals and knowledge and will continue this in future as well  .

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