Sri-Lalitha SahaSranama | Part 1 | Word: Sri-Mata

Sri-Lalitha SahaSranama | Part 1 | Word: Sri-Mata

? Srilalitha Sahasranama ?
Part 1, Word: Srimata
Namaste friends,
Welcome to all of you in Srividya Peetham.
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Srilalitha Sahasranama, you must know this hymn. The rites of reading this hymn have been in place for a long time in South India. However, in North India, there are fewer people reading  it in everyday life.

In ancient times in Srividya Sadhana, there was a rule to recite Lalita Sahasranama as a cycle to increase the divine energy of the seeker’s body before initiation.

As Srividya has been called Kadi Vidya i.e. it was done by Kamadeva. Kamdev Ji did not take Srividya initiation earlier. Kamadev’s mother Sri Mahalakshmi ji asked him to recite the first cycle of Sowbhagya Ashtotra Stotra. After reciting the Stortra,  Kamdevji had a dream of Goddess Lalita.

So these are all one order and follow its own rules. Before any Dashamahavidya or Upmahavidya practice, If anyone does the recitation of her hymn Sahasranama Kavach, etc. then that goddess herself opens the way ahead of the Sadhana.

It is as deep and long as the Ocean. Which we cannot measure depth and length. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt any goddess o mother in the form of mother and seek her blessings. In order to get this blessing, hymns like Kavach Stotra Sahasranama etc. have been created.

That is why in Srilalita Sahasranama. the stotra begins with the word “Srimata

You must have a relationship before you can enter into spiritual practice. Relationships are formed by unwavering trust.

Imagine what would happen if a person try to raise an elephant or lioness in the house because he can afford them. You must have understood very well.

You do not know what that elephant or lioness is, you do not know how to form a relationship with it, how will the qualities of the two be the same? Is it something  to buy with money?

There are quite a few things. You will also find mantras in books. But it is not possible to be one with mantras just by chanting. In order to understand the hidden female form in the mantra, it is necessary to make an emotional connection to that form or power goddess through the kriyas of her Kavach, and Stotras.

That is why in Srilalita Sahasranama, the first word  itself starts with Srimata. The word “Sri” does not mean Lakshmi in money terms all the time. Sree means the power that shows superiority. Mother is Sri Swaroop, that is, she is superior.

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2 thoughts on “Sri-Lalitha SahaSranama | Part 1 | Word: Sri-Mata

  1. Very useful information and concept clearing text knowledge. If sansthaan/ institution make available book on shri vidya and evry details about 1000 names given in lalita sahstranam will be real work on this subject in favor of reader.
    Shri krishna Singh

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