SriVidya Guru Paduka Diksha


The very first step of SriVidya sadhna is the SriVidya Guru Paduka Mantra. Without this initiation the SriVidya doesn’t begin. In SriVidya sadhna the guru first gives knowledge about the SriVIdya Aamnayae, or lineage and then SriVidya begins with Guru Paduka mantra. Sri Vidya Guru paduka mantra acts like a protection shield for the sadhaka.

So why it there a need for Guru Paduka in Srividya? You will see when a sadhak sits to do sadhna of Das Mahavidyas or Srividya panchadashi mantra, just like ants are attracted by the smell of sugar, so does dieties of aghora chakra get activated by the vibrations of these mantras. If you do not have the protection of Gurupaduka mantra deeksha then all these yoginis and yakshinis of aghora mandala will enter your mind and contaminate your aura.

Firstly by doing sadhna in an improper way the main diety of the sadhna does not come instead the energy of these aghora mandala dieties come and distubs the life of the sadhaka. You would have seen someone doing Kali sadhna and became mad or someones home family got disturbed or his personality became strange. There were people in the ancient times who were able to invke the entire mandala of the dieties on to earth in a secret place and if by chance therewould be a mistake then this would destroy many villages around that place. What all theis signifies is that before doing sadhna of Das Mahavidyas you need to understand the path of sadhna clearly and completely.

To protect from all this the SriVIdya GuruPaduka mantra is given so that the sadhak does not have to bear consequences of these energies, because that could be destructive. Gurupaduka is the form of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is the guru and through Guru its Shiva only who comes and gives the deeksha/initiation. Till the time we acheive proximity and grace of Guru the sadhak no matter how intelligent or learned he is will not achieve anything in spiritual realisation. When many lifetimes positive deeds come together then in a sadhak’s life such miracle as receiving initiation into such auspicious Vidya happens.

Just like in any sadhna or puja we invoke Ganapati and establish his energy before proceeding with it, in the same way till the time you do not establish Guru Chakra SriVidya sadhna cannot begin.

||Sri Matre Namah ||

© SriVidya Sanjivan Sadhna Sewa Pitham , Thane

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