Srividya Homam

Homam or Havan or Yajna is a special fire ritual that is being mentioned in the earliest of the Vedas that helps you connect with and receive immense blessings from the divine. According to Yajur Veda, a fire ritual is a basis for physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual progress and prosperity. The energy generated through this ritual infuses your aura with positive vibrations much faster than any other method. The reverberation of the mantras chanted during the homam and invoking Agni (fire), the messenger of our prayers to the Gods has the potential to increase overall positivity and significantly enhance the chances of our pure positive prayers being answered by the divine. You can choose to perform a Fire ceremony as a remedy for a problem you are facing in your life or to receive the ongoing blessings of the divine for you and your loved ones. We perform the Homam on your behalf using your Name and Gotra (Kashyap for someone who doesn’t know their Gotra) and the Sankalpa (wish you want to be fulfilled) and send you the prashad/bhasma by post.

We are offering the following Homams as a Service currently:-

Srividya Raja Rajeshwari Homam

Raja Rajeshwari is the Mula (Primary) Goddess of Sri Vidya and her blessings can provide both Bhog (material abundance) and Moksha (spiritual enlightenment) to a sadhaka. The blessings and energy  generated from this Homam it propitiates all the Kula Devi Devataas of your lineage and propitiates all Gods/Goddesses and devatas on your behalf. One such homam is equivalent to 100 Nav Chandi Homam. You can direct the energy and blessings of this homam to accompalish any particular desire of your life, by sending us the Sankalp for you. It is suggested that you should get this Homam done on your behalf once every year for overall prosperity bliss and happiness in your life.

Navgraha Homam along with the Families of the Graha (Planet dieties)

Usually people get Navgraha Homam done, but in most places the families of the planetary dieties are not invited in the Homam. In our practice we do so that increases the potency of this Homam many folds. In case you have bad influence of any planet or Mangalik dosha or if you want to energise your planets to bless all areas of your life then this homam is a must for you.

Kamadeva Ratidevi Homam

This is a very special homam, which provides blesses your relationships specially marriage and love. If you are facing difficulties in your marriage or are not able to find a suitable person for marriage then this is good for you. This homam also energises and strengthens family relationships, removes past life hurdles and increases the attractiveness in your Aura and is good for people in sales/acting performing arts career.

Mahamrityunjaya Homam Dhanavantari Homam

Both these homam are excellent for removing physical illness. If you are suffering from a disease and the medicines are not helping you or if you want to bless your life with good health and longevity for you or your children then this is good for you. If someone is from Medical Profession then blessings from Dhanvantri and Mahamrityunjaya can be extremely helpful in your career.

Garuda Ashagaruda Homam

This homam energises your kundalini shakti balances and unblocks your chakras to provide you overall physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness. It removes negativity stored in chakras and energises them. This is also useful if you want to achieve quick results in a particular task/endeavour.


Please contact us on / +91-9860395985  with your request for Homam. We can offer consultation as well on which Homam is best suited for you considering your situation.

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