SriVidya Lalita Sadhna


The next and the main stage in Sri Vidya sadhna is the deeksha of the panchdashi mantra as well as the sadhna of the Sri Chakra and Navavran pooja. In our gurukul, we teach this sadhna only when a sadhak has successfully completed the sadhna of Mahaganpati, Shyama Matangi and Goddess Varahi. The sadhak should have over time also strengthened his mind, atmaa and spiritual body by educating himself/ herself on various important subjects surrounding Sri Vidya. The sadhak’s mind needs to have reached a higher level of maturity (pari pakvata) for becoming the right vessel to learn panchdashi sadhna. The guru would usually assess whether the sadhak is ready or not before allowing the sadhak to lean panchdashi sadhna.

We teach this sadhna only over a period of four days and it requires extreme dedication throughout from the sadhaks. Panchdashi mantra is an extremely divine secret of Sri Vidya. At many places, this mantra deeksha is given but the sadhaks are not taught the meaning of the mantra. Such deeksha is incomplete and does not yield results. One has to work very hard to become chosen for panchdashi sadhna. Just like a MBBS doctor trying to study for MS. Before learning this sadhna one has to know the true secrets of aatma, material and spiritual dimensions of the universe/ multiverse, the science behind the origination/ dissipation of the universes/mutiverses, the true knowledge  and forms of Shiva Shakti, knowledge of naad (sound) brahma, kundalini Shakti, knowledge of 36 tatvas and so on and so forth. This requires the sadhak to study hard with a open and questioning mind and work closely with the guru while doing all prior levels of Sri Vidya. Once the sadak demonstrates to his guru that he/ she is ready for panchdashi, the guru would agree to only then give the panchdashi deeksha.

To understand the panchdashi mantra, the sadhak should be ready to identify and learn the 15 tatvas of the mantra – and to be able to understand the naad (sound) of these tatvas. This is a very microcosmic knowledge and requires extreme rigor to learn as well as teach. In this deeksha, the sadhak is taught how to awaken the sri chakra and how to use its energy. This is done through the navavran pooja.

This is the stage in Sri Vidya, where the sadhak not only learns the pooja and sadhna but is also given a lot of knowledge from the vedas, puranas, Geeta, Upanishad such that the sadhak learns the true meaning of moksha and is made aware of the path to achieve it. In our organization, we try to give the best authentic knowledge and training to the sadhaks. The guru works on a one-on-one basis with such serious sadhaks. As said before, this sadhna is not for ordinary sadhaks but only for those who want to do a spiritual PhD and are ready to dedicate the time and energy that this requires.

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