SriVidya Maha Ganapati Sadhna

In SriVidya there us a lot of importance given to Sri Maha Ganapati Sadhna. This is one of those unique sadhna which can give you freedom from materialistic karmas because no other Devta can anihilate your karmas as Ganapati can. This sadhna enables the sadhak to move further on the path of SriVidya sadhna. It releives the sadhaka of their Pitra-dosha, Kula dosha and helps them get the blessig of their Kula devtas without which no one can progress further in any sadhna.

In Sri MahaGanapati mantra there is bija mantra Gam and also Glaum. Gam bija awakens the energy of Ganapati tattva and Glaum bija purifies the earth element and expands the awareness of the earth element i sadhak.
In MahaGanapati Sadhna lot of sadhaka in the begining experience pain in the joints of the bones and also experience laziness and drowsiness and the sadhka starts experiencing mental stability. This is important as the negative energy of the pitras and kula doshas is stored in the bone joints and this sadhna starts removing that. A few sadhakas also experience feeling like floating in the air and feel more alive and active.

Hence in Sri Vidya sadhna SriMahaganapati sadhna is a must. It is done by activating the MahaGanapati Srividya mantra with the process of Tarpana, Yantra Puja, Havan etc. Sadhna done according to presecribed lineage gives the sadhaka lot of fame in the world.

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