SriVidya Matangi Sadhna

Sri Raja Matangi Sadhna

The second stage of Sri Vidya is the sadhna of Sri Shyama Matangi. Goddess Shyama Matangi is very dear to Goddess Lalita Tripursundari. As described in Lalita Sahastranama, Goddess Matangi is the devi who pierces the ‘Vishnu Granthi’ (the spiritual knot in located in the Manipur and Heart chakras) of sadhaks. The spiritual aura of Maa Tripurasundari is extremely strong – powerful as a thousand suns shining together. A normal individual cannot assimilate the aura of the divine mother directly and therefore needs to pray to Goddess Shyama Matangi who creates a shield of unconditional love around the sadhak such that she/ he can absorb the strong energy of the divine mother, Tripursundari.

Sri Shyama Matangi removes all the ignorance surrounding the soul of the sadhak. She removes all the darkness of ignorance and illuminates the soul of the sadhak with divine love and knowledge. She fills the sadhak’s heart with so much divine love that she/he becomes ready to connect with the divine mother, Tripursundari. Sri Shyama Matangi is the minister of cultural affairs of the universe. She is the goddess of music, singing, painting, creative writing, communication, attractiveness and fame. She is the keeper of love and cordial affairs in families and removes all negative energies.

Radha was a form of Shyama Matangi who became one with Krishna, the signification of Godess Tripurasundari. Radha was the love of Krishna and his power of attraction.  Kavi Kalidas was blessed by goddess Matangi and was therefore a great poet.

The mantra of Goddess Shyama Matangi blesses the sadhak with such divine bliss that the sadhak gets totally immersed in limitless happiness. This is usually the practical experience of whosoever learns Sri Matangi sadhna. The devi controls negative energy surrounding the sadhak in the form of negative people, black magic etc. and protects the sadhak at all times.

||Sri Matre Namah ||

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