SriVidya Shodashi Sadhna

Shodashi sadhna is an extremely complex sadhna. It is not possible to receive this sadhna diksha in today’s age by most. This is because it requires one to stay with the guru for at least a period of one year or more and also requires the sadhak to follow strict rules of living. The sadhak has to do rigorous sadhnas and work full-time under the instructions of the guru and clear various tests to prove his/ her evolution to the guru. When the sadhak clears these tests and shows the maturity for shodashi, he is taught this sadhna gradually by the guru. This sadhna requires the sadhak to know the 15 tatvas of panchdashi thoroughly and very deeply.
In some Sri Vidya organizations, this sadhna is taught by just adding an extra beej mantra at the end of the panchdashi mantra. However, this is an incorrect method of teaching Shodashi. While it simplistically sounds as if it’s just the addition of one extra beej akshara, it actually is the art of destroying the 15 beej aksharas of the panchdashi mantra into the sixteenth beej akshara. This sixteenth beej akshara which culminates the 15 beej aksharas is referred to as 16 Kalas, 16 Sanskaras or 16 Bhanus (moons).
The head of all Dasha Mahavidyas and Lord Shiva is adorned by an Ardha Chandra (half-moon) which represents goddess Shodashi. Shodashi represents the completeness of the female energy. To understand Shodashi, detailed knowledge and understanding of Dasha Mahavidyas is essential. The sadhak learns deep sadhna and how to leave his/ her physical body during meditation to make journeys of the universe/ multiverses for more advanced knowledge. There are actually 5 types of secret beej aksharas associated with Shodashi and are given by the guru gradually in dikshas. Attainment of these dikshas is extremely difficult.
In our gurukul, we do not teach Shodashi as it is not meant for a normal sansaric individual and requires a lot of discipline. We have just described the true nature of this sadhna in our blog for your benefit.

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