? SriVidya ? and ? Lotus ? connection

? SriVidya ? and ? Lotus ? connection

? SriVidya ? and ? Lotus ? connection

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? Lotus ?

Lotus is a symbol of purity, beauty and enlightenment. It is a plant that grows in water and has no roots. The lotus flower also represents the purity of mind, body and speech. The lotus is a symbol of transcendence from the mortal world to the spiritual world.

The lotus flower has been used in different cultures for centuries as an emblematic flower to represent spiritual enlightenment. In Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, it symbolizes the victory of spirit over matter; it is often depicted as growing out of muddy or polluted water because its growth is seen as an escape from material darkness into light or enlightenment.

Lotus has petals which in spirituality represent a triangle power or symbol

Lotus is one of the favourite flower of Laxmi the daughter of Tripura sundari the almighty goddess.
This flower is gifted to Mata Laxmi from Tripura sundari it indicates her devotion towards her mother and also shows that she also has a sub power part of Sri Vidya.
The lotus indicates a part of Srividya diksha.

The lotus has 8 power which are in different world as well.
1. Kamalshityandri
2. Shukutakamini
3. Mahabhutshotray
4. Jalunshayam

The granth which gives us more about Sri Vidya is
: Keshvanshinam
: Bruhatkanti
: Rigtashotim
: Ragashatsh

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