Study about Goddess Shree Dhumavati

Study about Goddess Shree Dhumavati

II ShreeVidya  – Study about Goddess Shree Dhumavati II


Dear friends, we warmly welcome u at  ShreeVidya Sanjeevani Peetham,Thane|

Today,we are giving significant Knowledge about Goddess ShreeDhumavati in details|  At, Various places you will find some information about Goddess ShreeDhumavati but hardly, you will get any authentic basic knowledge about her|

Ganesha of Goddess

Shree Dhumavati :

First,we need to understand that every study part of Shree Vidya has inseparable association with different incarnation of Lord Shree Ganesha | 

In different study parts of ShreeVidya,Mahaganesha, Vallabh Ganesha and Kshipra Ganesha are worshiped to avalanche progress in that study part | Such progress in ShreeVidya study is not at all possible without proper spiritual teacher(Guru)|One must follow all guidelines set in ShreeVidya Sadhna study under guidance of Guru and disciple must be closely knit with that Guru all the time to follow proper practice in ShreeVidya Sadhna| There are no shortcuts to  be master  in ShreeVidya Sadhana | All study parts in ShreeVidya Sadhana,such as Dashmahavidya must and must require guidance of Guru to get all benefits mentioned in Dashmahavidya| One must first acquire knowledge about nature,facts of several facets in Dashmahavidya under guidance of Guru |

Therefore, to learn about Goddess ShreeDhumavati ,it is essential to know about Lord Ganesha’s incarnation associated with her| ShreeDhumravarna Ganesha is associated with Goddess ShreeDhumavati | everyone those who wants to worship Goddess ShreeDhumavati and practice her dashamahavidya,must first worship ShreeDhumravarna Ganesha|

To understand Paragyan(Knowledge beyond science) one must aware some basic consciousness| In Current era,many people dance in weird manner under the title,Kundalini’s jagaran(awaking) and remain under illusion that, such weird dancing is nothing but Kundalini awaking| If one ask such people to touch cable wires carrying live electricity ,they will simply deny by saying it is unsafe acts| One must understand that the person who has truly awaken his/her Kundalini power can easily absorb live electricity in his/her Muladhar and will remain absolutely safe| Therefore, Kundalini awaking is such a powerfull spiritual stage and not simply weird dancing acts , it is beyond jumping like frogs or getting glow on faces| To remove such illusions in ShreeVidya Sadhna comes under ShreeDhumravarna Ganesha’s domain| To irradicate all false misconceptions about Dashmahavidya and ShreeVidya Sadhna is basic essential most step in ShreeVidya learning practice| That’s where ShreeDhumravarna Ganesha worship is so vital, Dhumra means foggy,illusive and ShreeDhumravarna Ganesha removes such illusion in one’s mind after his worship|

In order to understand All these secretarial sacred knowledge one must have to develop thinking at very minute level|

Let’s Understand  her work,form,powers and other aspects of ShreeDhumravati Goddess Work : 

If one study kundalini awaking practice under ShreeVidya Sadhna,then she resides at Adhah:Sahtrasar Chakra| Adhah: means downside,Adhah:sahtrasar Chakra means chakra which are at downside of Sahastrasar Chakra| They represents hell world|They are like Smashan or cremation burial sites| Such Adhah:chakras are equally important and powerfull as Sahatrasar Chakra and there lies dense darkness| All the subject knowledge which is associated with hell world and it’s darkness comes under  her domain | She Controls all the mysterious,cruel work activities and powers of demons, devil powers,mystic gods and goddess which resides at hell | While, Goddess Lakshmi controlls and stimulates workacts,powers and wealth related to heaven world | 

Therefore, Goddess Dhumavati also refereed as Alakshmi |

Her elements –

Goddess Dhumravarti represents smoky illusive planets such as Rahu,Ketu i.e.Dragon’s head & Dragon’s tail| Such planet’s work and prediction are illusive and mysterious in nature| If any true desperate knowledge seeker disciple or practitioner gets trapped in wrong methodology in higher level spiritual practices or becomes helpless in Dakini’s,Yakshini’s or Bhairavi’s illusive threats then She helps such disciples to come out of such threats and traps to progress on right path | She controls acts of Bhairavi,Yakshii,Dakini& protects divine knowledge and spiritual practices from unvirtuous seekers |

Her Husbond-

Goddess Dhumavati is considered to be Widow| Once, Goddess Sati, being highly hungry swallowed down her own husband: Lord Shiva and becomes widow| This widow form of Goddess Sati is nothing but Goddess Dhumavati|

As we mentioned Goddess Dhumavati resides over Adhah: Sahastrsar Chakra | Above Muladhar Chakra, eight different Goddess in Mahavidya  are residing along with their living conscious husbands except Goddess Mahakali | Goddess Mahakali is situated over there along with her unconscious Husband but all these Goddess’s husbands existence can be seen during ShreeVidya’s study|

However,Goddess Dhumavati’s husband can’t seen in these chakra since she swallowed  her own husband |

Now let’s try to understand this story in different way,Goddess Dhumavati being hungry swallowed Shiva, and she resides at adha:h Swadhisthan Chakra,it shows relation of hunger and Swadhishthan chakra| Shiva is key element in spiritual progress and he has close knit with spiritual Knowledge| Shiva is Paramgyan(Knowledge beyond science) while Dhumavati is illusion| It means, The Shiva which is essential element in spiritual progress is under control of Goddess Dhumavati and hidden under her illusive powers| Therefore, her proper worship is also essential in Shreevidya Study for spiritual progress and to understand Paragyan(knowledge beyond Science)|

At Swadhisthan Chakra, it is considred to be residing place for Manushya Lok(human beings)| This is believed to be backside of Earth ,where unaware human beings do acts under illusive powers of Dhumavati Goddess|

In spirituality, Goddess Lakshmi is not the one who gives gold,wealth or ornaments but the one who helps  to focus in spiritual upliftment and sharpens the necessary skills to get spiritual progress| While,Goddess Alakshmi,who is elder sister of Goddess Lakshmi,hides all necessary skills for spiritual progress under her illusive powers | 

In ShreeVidya Sadhana(practice),Goddess Lakshmi is considered to be in form of Goddess ShreeVarahi who resides at Aadya Chakra,while Goddess Dhumavati represents Goddess “Alakshmi” who resides at Adha:h Sahstrasar |

It is sad but true that those functions which holds under title of ShreeVidya Sadhana,Mahavidya where large number of followers gather after paying high fess ,do not understand this essential,important aspects and diverted from basics in ShreeVidya practice |

Therefore, one must always follow Shreevidya under proper spiritual Guru |

Other powers/goddess associated with Goddess Dhumavati-

Nairuytyi,Jyeshtha,Alakshmi are associated with Goddess Dhumavati|

As per VastuShastra,Nairutyi direction is known as  South -West direction|

At time of Creation of universe, a set of moral virtuous rules were set by creative forces which are known to be Ritis| This Ritis helps to grow Dharma,(moral,virtuous life style)| When Adharma(non-moral,non virtuous way of living) grows then Nairutyi comes in actions| Law -moral disorders, pandemic attacks,harsh calamity,disagreements,poverty are under her controls|

Cup of Fire : 

one can easily observe  Goddess Dhumavati holds a cup of fire in her picture/image,along with a crow sitting on her flag nearby her charioteer | This fire is totally different than fire which is worshiped during holly spiritual practices such as Hom havan| Fire in her hands represents fire in hell used for occult science practices ,worshiping demons, ghosts and negative energie’s practices|

There are different kinds of Agni(fire)used For Rituals at heaven , on earth and at hell |

Goddess Dhumavati is the one who punishes  Practitioners performing Shreevidya Spiritual upliftment in wrong way or for wrong purposes |

such practioner gets trapped in her mysterious powers and lost the track of  upliftment |

Therefore, A true knowledgeable,blissful Guru,who is easily accessible to disciples for their sadhana(spiritual practice) is utmost requirement in Shreevidya Sadhana|

yours sincerely , 

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