What is Sun Radiation ?

What is Sun Radiation ?

What is Sun Radiation ?

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Sun is a ball in which energy is to be stored .

Which energy ?
The energy to survive human beings , plants almost all leaving creatures .
The is given while making of world  .

The sun is entirely covered by Hydrogen and Helium .

Hydrogen is main energy  power which individuals are developed from .

Helium is the balancing energy of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is actually main power.

All powerful energy are from hydrogen . Such as water ? and also air.

Water is H2O which has another knowledge regarding it Water is also very very important substance for living creatures .
In which without Hydrogen power it is nothing .
Only O is not sufficient for water .
Hydrogen is the main .

Main energy like Tripura sundari have this Hydrogen power from some where that is the source of energy.

While she was making World ? she used her power that she has used to make the sun.

Helium support the power of Ravi in kundalini.
Inhances the kundalini power. There also a process or vidhi for Helium Power.

Let’s look into Surya Vidhyan ( Sun Science ) .
Surya means source of energy and how that we have discussed.
Vidhyan (Science)  includes  the science of formation of Surya .
Vidhyan (Science) is used to secure earth from meteorite also.

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