I am a computer science professor, and a mother of an 11 year old daughter. I have been initiated in shri vidya by sir in January 2018. Before meeting with the sir, i was pursuing PhD and was searching for divine wisdom through meditation and mantrik sadhna.
I remember the day when sir has come to our house and intiated me and my husband. Within two days, i recieved acceptance of two research publications. Research publications in reputed international journals takes 1-2 years. But, it was total surprise for me as i recieved the acceptance only within two months. It was meant lot to me as both publications were in SCI indexed journals and my Ph.D degree was dependent on these two publicatons. I was struggling to publish my research from past 6 years. But after initiation into shree vidya, as I started doing mahaganpati tarpan, the issues related to my root chakra started getting resolved.
My research guide permitted me to submit my thesis, which is not possible otherwise. As, I proceeded in sadhna the other root chakra based issue were also solved.
All of a sudden our financial income increased with different opportunities. My husband got promoted and my PhD thesis is submitted.I have improved relationships with my inlaws and today we all are staying together happily.
Moreso, my thrust to know my innerself is started balancing. My various doubts related to inner world and outer world are resolved by sir. Now, I understand the meaning of Shiva and shakti. It is not mere the idol we see in temples nor the ida and pingla. It is much more than that. It is unlike mass intiation by other shri vidya gurus. I have always given time by my shri vidya guru to clear my various doubts related to consciousness and spirituality. I am highly thankful to him for individually clearing each topic pertaining to shri vidya.
 With continuous guidance and grace of Nivruti sir, I am able to balance my professional life, personal life and spiritual life. Everyday my awareness  and wisdom is evolving which is making me more responsible in every aspect of life and helping me to be sincere in all of my duties.
Dr Jyotsana Yadav
New Delhi, India

As a devi sadhak I was searching the master to learn sri vidya, since many years. I just prayed to maa give me guidance, and as a miracle I met with Nivruti Sir, I have some questions about Sri vidya which I asked to many masters, and I couldn’t get the answer, Nivruti Sir clear all my doubt and gave me the vision and true wisdom.

When I take initiation from him, as he mentioned Maha ganpati will help burning all the past and ancestral karma very fast, I have seen a big change in my life, I have explored new dimensions in my self also I am able to guide many souls by his blessings. By the blessings of Devi Maa and guruji my journey become more divine, and more scared. I am seeking the true wisdom of advait with him. The secret knowledge of the whole universe I got from his session is amazing.
When we met I feel blessed to take his past life session, it was 3 hour session, and I was amazed to see the wisdom I get from him.
He is a true channel and comes in this earth to guide the right wisdom. Mahavtaar babaji, Mahakali, and Dattatreya is guiding him the path and he is working as a shambhalla master.
It was just a synchronization that when I was writing Shambhalla article two year back, he is writing on the same topic in his blog.
I feel the deep connection with him, and feel that etheric master is guiding us to spread the true wisdom. When I can’t get answer anywhere I call him and ask him. He is very down to earth and always ready to help.
I feel he is here to awaken and remove the ignorance of many souls and in coming year he will guide millions of souls.
Jai ma.
Lama Fera Master
Orissa, India

” om kriya babaji namah om ”

           I am not a great seeker .I havent yet done lot of progress in the field of jap,tap,dhyan ,dharana etc.I am a simple human being who live a simple “gruhasth jivan” (family life) ,but at the same time I have a passion for spiritual progress.I want to progress in the field of both “bhog” and “moksh”. I humbly want to submit here one good quality in me i e simplicity .I believe that this is the only quality due to which Guriji gave me shri vidya sadhana .
          When i turned in past and see how i was in 2011 to 2014 and how i m now ,i simply feel that now i m a blessed human being and this is happen just because of compassion of Jaganmata ,my MAhaavatar babaji and Nivrutti ji.
            Crisis occurs in everyone’s life .they were in my life too .But due to compassion of Jaganmata ,i was and i am able to conquer it .this confidence has been given by sri vidya sadhana to me .
            In the beginning a thought always came in my mind that why should we learn 5 stages of sri vidya given by Guruji ? i thought these are all external approach of puja and spirituality is the internal thing .but with the time i came to know that achievement of physical things expected by human being ” bhog” is also an external thing. Until and unless external desires get completed ,ordinary human being dont try for accomplishment of “moksh” .and moksh is nothing but a internal peace and happiness.
           I have a good job ,good property through which i can live good life.my husband is also a good human being .still i was unable to be happy with this good things and feel always worried about future .The reason behind is that i m not a mother yet and it is my earnest desire .
             My home have a history of accidental death. I also went through 4 miscarriages/ abortions .Due to all of these circumstances ,my mind was full of worry and one day i met with Guruji .I request him to go through our kundali .He is expertise in Krishnamurty kundali and no one can challenge his skill .But his grace and compassion didnt come to me first .person whose kulachar are not pure ,always face such problems .DIvine help donot come to him and this is the indication to me too .But my willpower is strong and my endeveour /efforts were honest .
           A small Kali mata temple is near to my place, and in distress i often go there and pray her to solve my problem and one day due to her compassion ,i got a grace of Guruji .After that he started talking to me nicely .He went through our ( me and my husband) kundali and guided me .kundali had been telling that we have only 2% chances of being parent and to become parent divine help is the only way .
            I have gone through medical treatment from 2011 but didnt get success yet .Dr Shembekar (Om women’s hospital ) is a well known gyneacologist in nagpur. I had taken treatment there ,he also feel pessimist in our case .After trying all the treatment on my body like laproscopy ,iui ,icsi ,ivf ,he at the last said ,we are not able to become parent .He suggested us to either surrogate a child or to adopt a child .My blood group is O negative .My all 4 babies didnt survive after 3 month,as each time they didnt get cardiac activities and due to this we were left with option of abortion only.During last abortion dr shembekar said it is not needed to inject anti-D which is very essential for a mother having O negative blood group for future pregnany .by reading this incidence ,you can better able to understand doctor’s despair in my case.That is the other thing that i didnt accept his advice and inject anti d to me .
           I am not an illiterate person nor i am superstitious human being.At my home we perform puja and bhakti of god but we are not great seeker ,still i got srividya sadhana beacause ,i humbly want to submit here that my personal and professional life is very simple and honest .One should always keep it in mind that if one get qualify for the compassion of Jaganmata,great MAhavatar babaji and guruji ,it itself means that one is worthy enough.
            I have learn 2 steps of sri vidya sadhana 1 shri Mahaganpati 2 shri matangi sadhana .
          The Mahaganpati sadhana reduces the fault in my kulachar,and due to which i qualify myself for motherhood .this is nothing but a miracle .After completing 40 tarpans of this sadhana ,i met with an excellent ayurvedic doctor.His medicine cure my problem in just 2 months .my uterus become healthy enough to born a healthy child .i am healthy in my whole pregnancy period .Thank you for my full term pregnancy ,thank you for healthy and long life baby ,thank you that gift of health is keeping me alive .I have strong faith that this is just miracle though i m prayatnvadi( who believe on taking efforts to achieve anything ) .this is happen just because of compassion of Jaganmata ,my Mahavatar babaji and efforts taken by guruji on my kundali and on my life .No one should take doubt on this because this is my own true experience .
            I also learn shri Matangi sadhana .Due to her compassion ,my family life is stable and happy and i have full faith that it will increases day by day .Due to pregnancy i m not able to sit continuously so this sadhana is incomplet.but i will complete it with full concentration .
          These are my true experience of completing my external desires.May be Mahavatar babaji knew that until completing my external desire,i can not progress internally .so he completed my this desire .now my responsibily has increased .
         To express your internal progress in words is somewhat difficult .it is everyone’s anubhuti so is not expressing here .i can only humbly mention this at the end .May Jaganmata and Mahavatar babaji bless you all with their compassion and the world become a happy and peaceful place..
    ॐ ॐ  ॐ ॐ
Leena Falke Dhenge 
Tahsildar at collector office ,Nagpur India
I was out of job and under depression when I met Guru ji. I learnt Maha Ganapati and Matangi Sadhna from him and practiced it and within a few days I started feeling a change in myself. My depression started going away, I felt more cheerful and joyful and my confidence started coming back. I applied for jobs and to my surprise the very first interview I gave I got selected, this has never happened before, getting the right job at the first interview is just a miracle and can happen only through divine intervention. Guruji told me that as a result of Ganapati sadhna my Kula dosha Pitra doshas are removed and hence new opportunities are appearing in my life. I am grateful for all the support he provided me through out my sadhna and recovery and my job.
Business Consultant
I was going through a rough patch in my life with my mother diagnosed with Cancer and also my father falling sick at the same time. I was lagging behind in my career due to personal challenges and circumstances. I learnt Srividya sadhna from Nivrutti ji and it made a huge change in my life. My fathers health recovered. On my job front I got recognition and opportunities to publish some excellent researches which made a huge contribution to my career and personal growth. All this couldn’t have happened without blessings from Lalita Parameshwari and our guide to her Nivrutti ji.
Investment Banker,
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