The root meaning of the word Guru Poornima

The root meaning of the word Guru Poornima

 The root meaning of the word Guru Poornima

ॐ OM
Hello friends,
All of you are welcome in Shrividya Sanjivan Sadhan Seva Petham, Thane.

Every year the Guru Purnima comes, people celebrate it directly or indirectly.

The meaning of a Guru is known to all that the Guru takes darkness away and from darkness he brings it into light.

Light means knowledge …
The knowledge which can show you the path to freedom and for this you need a more evident Guru.

Even in the higher world, there is no place for the animals, who have had no Guru, rather, one who has learned something while living with the Guru, and has attained the knowledge, in such case your Guru also prays for you to the Guru Mandala of the higher world.

How many Gurus or Masters can a person make?
You can keep changing a Guru till your time has not come to receive moksha and the most important thing is that the Guru never invokes any mantradiksha or kundalini awakening to attain moksha. If you don’t believe then you should go through the life stories about perseverance and commitments of the most enlightened saints.

Guru is a person who invokes the internal musical note within you without any mantra.

Many a times in this world of spirituality many people never intend to go into the deep knowledge of spirituality and that would be one of the reasons that there are lot of spiritual shortcuts spreading enormously.
With the help of one mantra and one yantra, and kundalini they take you into a fictitious world and make you experience the non-existence. With such kind of practices you never can meet your Guru face to face.

Thus once you are out of this illusion, you don’t know how to proceed further with a proper practice of spirituality.

How would one understand what you are practicing is an illusion or the truth?

Have you ever asked or questioned a musician who practices, a harpist, violin, tabla, flute or any singer who practices classical singing whether you have mastered the skill within four days or how much time did it take to learn the skill or how many times have you been scolded by your master or how much time have you conversed with your master to master the skill.
Friends any classical music or dance is not as easy as we think. The master always guides you and scolds you to help you master your skill and only after mastering the skills you are able to display or portray your talent on the stage.

If you get an opportunity, ask this question to the stage performer, this question will help you into your spiritual growth. Because in this world of spirituality most disciples live in an illusion that with the help of the Guru’s picture or on meditating on Guru, the Guru will give his guidance.

There is a vast difference in accepting a Guru in any in a picture form or realising your Guru within you.

Now what is the meaning of Guru Purnima?

A Guru is the master who bring you from darkness to knowledge of light.

What is the full moon?

It is the 16 elements of moon, which is called Somakala Srividya. The rays of sun light reflect on the moon and the light of the moon reflects on the Earth. This speed of light of the sun-moon-earth is called the Amavsya (new moon or full moon – 15 – 15 days).
In the same time period we create our Karma. We are born on this earth and we die on this earth itself. We have to experience our Karma’s in every birth we take. Thus in the cycle of birth and death we experience our Karma, which give the meaning of birth and death as the “ignorance of darkness. “.

Thus the 15-day cycle of Amavasya Purnima is called Panchadashi Sadhna of Srividya. Panchadashi, it consists of 15 seed (bij) mantras.
Within the Purnima there is an aspect of a complete full moon. On this day for some time the moon is clearly visible in its full form and that is called the sixteenth syllable (seed mantra).

Therefore, when moon attains its full form we call it as sodhsi bij mantra. Sodshi is none other than Tripursundari.

The whole concept of sun, moon and earth is a time dimension. The same symbol of moon is seen on the head of Shiva as well as on Dasmahavidya.

The 16th syllabus of moon is none other than the ruler of time and energy.

What does guru do?

The role of Guru is to release his disciples from the entanglement in the time wheel of the 16 phases of Purnima (full moon).

The person who is bound in the time wheel of birth and death is always followed by new Karma, which will be added to the old Karma’s thus the cycle would go on, this whole cycle is called `Ignorance’.

Only a Guru can remove you from this cycle of Ignorance, therefore it is never to be called “full moon”, rather called “Guru Purnima”.

Dattatreya Ji had acquired knowledge from Shri Dakshinamurthy Ji by staying with him for ages. He also attained the knowledge of Antim Panchandev. Shri Dakshnamurthy also imparted Dattareya with knowledge of Antim Panchandev, which is rarely imparted by the Guru to his disciples in Vidyasadhna.

Parshuram was invoked with all the knowledge, who was also an efficient warrior, but inspite of all this he was entangled in illusion. Inspite of being empowered with all the knowledge and valor he had to surrender to Dattatray and stay for ages to gain knowledge of Holy Srividya.

This article of mine is the knowledge that I have attained from my Guru.

Thank you.
Nivrutti Ubale .

Artical Translate by Mrs. Usha Sardesai.


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