Theory of Ghost ( Bhoot )

Theory of Ghost ( Bhoot )

Theory of Ghost ( Bhoot )

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Here today we are discussing about ghost .

There are rumours that when human dies it becomes ghost( bhoot)  .

But have you though
What is the science or concept Ghost (Bhoot) .

Let’s understand it ,
Ghost ( Bhoot) are the living creatures or dead but living creatures which are on the way to go for next compound life or mukti .
Which are living on ground that is Tratosphere and some in Stratosphere .

In Tratosphere they live in the energy of soil and in Stratosphere they live in different gases and with there compounds of gases .
The Stratosphere is above the ozone layer .

Bhoot or bhut ( भूत )
Here ‘bhu’or ‘bhi ‘ (भू ) means bhumi ( भूमी ) same as the concept related to ghost .
‘t ‘ (त) means the treasure means living creatures Atma ( Soul ) but at the next level one .

Have you seen a Ghost some are have Animals Energy or they look like animals .

What is it ?
That is the power of animals in human beings .
Human soul uses or take help of the animal power to do or reach their aim .

This is very serious topic to study .

Animal ghost power or their energy we will go in detail next time .

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