Upasana & Sadhna: Difference Is Subtle But Pronounced

Upasana & Sadhna: Difference Is Subtle But Pronounced

Sadhna & Upasana – Sound Very Similar But Are Different

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A lot of people learn and practise sadhna and meditation for years yet when it comes to results they do not experience much success or spiritual progress.  People are regularly doing Srividya mantra, Sanjivani mantra, Kali mantra or other japas but fail to experience any spiritual realisation. People attend a lot of expensive shivirs, keep various types of yantras in their homes but do not achieve the desired results in material and spiritual life.

Friends, before hasting to learn sadhna, you should aim to clearly understand the difference between Upasana (Worship) and Sadhna (meditation for spiritual upliftment). In Upasana, one can also have some divine experiences – intuition and spiritual understanding can improve too. One can also receive the love and grace of the god or goddess whose upasana is being performed. One can also achieve some form of divine protection.

True Meaning of Upasana & Sadhna

Upasana means gaining some proximity to a specific god or goddess whose upsasana is being performed. If you recite any god or goddess’ sahastrnaam (1000 names), mantra (shlok) or read saptshati or any charitra, it all comes under upasana. One has to transform the energy generated through this upasana into sadhna. Upasana is the initial preparation for Sadhna.

There are no stringent rules in Upasana but may rules and discipline exists in Sadhna practise. Sadhna also requires the continuous guidance of Guru. Devi maa remains in the form of mother only until one is doing Upasana. In Sadhna, the mother transforms into Parashakti (Absolute Energy) and one starts feeling the Parashakti through one’s jeevatma (soul). This subtle difference is hard for most people to understand.

People get attracted to various forms of Sadhnas. However, they get stuck in reciting mantras and mental illusions, hence experience no progress.

Understanding The Difference

Suppose you are going to be part of a war and you have a sword in your hand. However, you do not know the rules of that war and the right strategies to use. You also do not know how to use the sword properly nor do you know the power of the opposing party. In this situation you are only bound to lose. Similarly in Sadhna, one has to know the right strategies and need to be equiped with the right knowledge and wisdom from the Guru. One has to follow stringent rules in Sadhna and be very disciplined. Upasana is only the preparation to Sadhna. It is like preparing yourself to face the war, ahead of it.

For a full satsang on this topic, please visit Sadhna & Upasana – The Difference on Youtube.

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|| Sri Matre Namah ||

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