Varahi Sadhna


Varahi Sutra  has been briefly described by Jagadguru Adishankarachrya in his Shree Vidya Saundary Lahiri Sacred Text.

Why one should study, follow or practice Varahi Sutra?

Let’s make an attempt to understand importance of Varahi Sutra.

Our Human body comprises of seven Chakras. Among these chakras, one of the important chakra is Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra) which is located at base of spine and it represents Earth element in human body. What exactly does this Earth element in human body signify? It signifies, material desires that one carried throughout his/her life and storage of all deeds, that one has committed in his/ her life and previous lives.

Have you ever thought what happens to all those criminals, who committed sins such as violence, adulteration, frauds and stealing money of poor people, treachery or defaming to own country and society? Their souls after death of physical body travels to Sapta Pataal and resides there which is a world of extreme darkness. ( Sapta means seven and Pataal means world of extreme darkness) . Souls of such sinful criminals gets fierce fully penalized as per one’s sins and magnitude of wrong deeds in this Sapta Patal loka (nether worlds).

As per study of spiritual process, human body right below the Muladhar chakras to legs virtually symbolizes Sapta Pataal.

“Varah” is one of the incarnation (avtara) of Lord Vishnu, where Lord Vishnu saved Earth from Demon Mura who was stealing Earth to Patal world. Goddess Varahi is original strength and energy of this Varah Incarnation or avatara. It is capable of extracting, removing & destroying all sorts of negative energies of any magnitude through her powerful mouth from anyone. Her acts of cleansing negative energy are so powerful such that it removes all negatives energies or obstacles in the path of Kundalini Chakra awakening. Therefore, Varahi is considered as a supreme commander in the Shree Vidya Lalita Sadhna. Its Beej Mantra ( Beej means Seed, Mantra means useful chanting) is Gloum (ग्लौम). This Beej mantra connects Earth Element with Lord Varah. Lord Vrah along with his strength Varahi then cleanses all wrong deeds of a human being.

There are many people who follow religious rituals, performs several holy practices such as pooja,  worshiping of deity god, however their behavior is contradictory to their spirituality and that behavior prevents their Spiritual upliftment. They should follow the Varahi Upasana for spiritual uplifting.

Varahi gives command and order to Ajnya Chkara. Therefore it is also called Rudra Granthi Vibhedana ( Granthi means Gland , Vibhedana means to break /dissect through middle).

Ajnya or Agya Chakra is considered as a center of all other Chakras such as Muladhar, Svadhisthan etc.

All negative energies which have accumulated in our body from several past life has connections with Agya Chakra. Meaning of Agya or Ajnya is to command .  Depending on  the magnitude of one’ s sin ,Ajnya /Agya Chakra will work. Human beings deeds are actually controlled by this Agya Chakra.

Therefore, third eye (subconscious mind) of human being is not in awakened state.  If third eye of an human gets open then it will reveal the supreme truth that the human being is trapped in world of Maya (illusion) in spite of supreme creation of Creator. That’s what exactly Shambhavi does in Shree Vidhya Sadhana. It helps one to break this world of illusion and to take one to world of realization and detachment, liberty and freedom. However reaching that level is not that easy and very few spiritual master knows about it. After realizing the this one gets free from pooja or upasana of deity and goes ahead in search of a true Guru ( Spiritual Master) who can show him/her the path of enlightment, liberty and detachment. This is not easy and can’t be achieved unless one breaks the command of Agya Chakra. And Excatly, that’s where Shree Goddess Varahi helps to break the Agya/Ajnya Chakra in Shree Vidya Spiritual practices.

Any Spiritual follower who performs “MahaGanapati Sadhna” which is  first level of Shree Vidya Sadhana, becomes eligible to uplift own spirituality and clears to go ahead for second stage “Shree Matangi Sadhana.” Shree Matangee Sadhana provides energy to spiritual follower to see world beyond Physical material world.  At next level of this, Varahi Sadhana uses that energy of Spiritual follower which he/she obtained from Shree Matangi Sadhna and breaks the Rudra Granthi. It means it breaks down all the wishes or wills that one carries in body whether good or evil.

Is It necessary to dissolve all the will or wishes that one carries? Let me inform you about one vital topic that  is discussed at very high level of spirituality and which is beyond the level of normal spiritual practice. This topic can be understood only by a spiritual follower who is progressing under guidance of proper Spiritual Guru (spiritual Teacher) and is on right path of liberation.  Whenever any spiritual follower starts uplifting its own spiritual progress with the help of own spiritual rituals  and starts moving beyond physical world to divine world his Karmik deeds from several past births come out and starts pulling his progress in backward direction. That’s why in Shree Vidya Sadhna it has advised to perform and understand Varahi Sadhna. Many Spiritual follower who are in path of Shree Vidya sadhna are trapped at a stage where they neither move ahead nor move backwards. This stage is called Dhyana. Though Dhyaniya experience is very preliminary stage, many   have misunderstood it as the ultimate goal in spiritual path and get mislead from real objective of Shree Vidya Sadhana.

In spiritual path, disciple must be courageous and warm. Such disciple should confident enough to  ask questions which often comes in mind  to his Spiritual Guru. Also in ShreeVidya Sadhna, “ Spiritual Guru “ must be highly qualified and pious to bring  upliftment of his disciples.

Ultimately, all the spiritual upliftment is possible under a Proper & Pious Spiritual Guru only.

Shree Shankaracharya has given,  ‘’Shree Vidya Sadhana’’ to enlighten the pathway of life for entire mankind. The problem is people  are unaware, non-curious about Shree Vidya Sadhana and not willing to study this path due to ignorance.

Shree Varahi Sadhna enables for every possible upliftment of spirituality in ShreeVidya Sadhna. There is nothing that can be achieved by just worshiping the Shree Yantra and or by chanting ShreeVidya Mantra.

Adishankarachrya has described immense significance of Varahi Sadhna in Saundryalahiri. He also gave instructions on how to follow it and practice it in Saundarya Lahiri, only the practitioner needs to study it well deeply.

||Sri Matre Namah ||

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