Yogini Yakshini Mandala : What does  it signify and what is it’s important  .

Yogini Yakshini Mandala : What does  it signify and what is it’s important  .

Yogini Yakshini Mandala : What does  it signify and what is it’s important  .



We warmly welcome you at ShreeVidya Peetham, Thane.

 It has seen that most of people while following spiritual practices often encounter with several difficulties and troubles. Few disciples often found to be suffered by anxiety, loss of tempers, physical and mental health problems. It is also observed that some spiritual seekers talk loudly with oneself in alone.  Some people start losing their wealth and material  wellbeing upon starting some spiritual practices. It is also observed that some people upon hearing some mantras; start yelling or start vibrating in few seconds of time. This experiences often observed for those  people who practice ShreeVidya Sadhna or other spiritual practices equally holy to ShreeVidya Sadhna. The route cause of these difficulties and unusual behavior is due to lack of proper Gurus absence.

Those who encounter these difficulties are the one who start ShreeVidya Sadhna by alone, without supervision of Guru and  by mere reading of books to follow holy practices. In Some cases, improper guru gives insufficient knowledge or shows wrong path, as a result disciple also faces several mental, physical and economical problems.

Therefore, in order to avoid such difficulties in Shreevidya Sadhana practice it is mandatory for ShreeVidya Sadhana disciple to know about Shreevidyas mandal (orbits) powers. The way one resides at his or her home along with own family members, likewise Shreevidya Sadhan’s different powers  stay together as a family.

Will any family welcome any stranger without proper identification? Answer is definitely “NO”; likewise Shreevidyas power will not allow any improper disciple to enter in their orbits. Shreevidya sadhana is protected by security of several orbits of power as any family takes necessary security provision for their home. In Our world, president is surrounded by several security levels likewise Shreevidya has several security orbits of several powers. These security orbit powers comprises of  sub powers and these sub powers further have several sub sub powers. These orbits of powers are highly holly, sacred and their main function is to protect different tatavs of ShreeVidya Sadhna.

Some of these power orbits names are

Asuri, Rakshasi, Yakshini, Nagini , Bhutini, Kanya, Kinnari, Manushi, Gandharvi, Narki, Tiryakkanya, pretika, Brahmani, Shatrani, Vaishya, Shudri, Anyaja, kayasthi, Shishtini, Karuttini, Varini, Vanijani, Veshya, Tarini, Charmakarini, Kultrani, Hatrini, Dombi, Shavarini, Chandalini, Dhobini, Shoundili Mandala, Gandha warini, Karmakarini, Napiti, Natini, Kanskarini, Swarnakarini, Kewarti, Khatki, Kundkarini, Malini, Kapalini,Shankhini, Varudini, Kemalini, Gopali, Kandkari, Kochini, Shilakuti, Thasptini, Keshkari, Bhanji, Mamika, Khuttika, Swasa, Yogini,Randa, Tapsiwini.

Importance of Guru

To follow path of Shreevidya Dashmahavidya one must have guidance of proper Guru, by looking at Gurus Brightness of wisdom and holiness these power orbits helps learner to avalanche in path of ShreeVidya. In order to realize these power orbits one must enhance thought process, wisdom and knowledge.

A proper Guru in Shreevidya Sadhna therefore increases maturity, wisdom and wisdom level of his disciple in learing of ShreeVidya Sadhna. In Such Mahavidya Sadhna there is immense importance of Gurupaduka ( Guru= spiritual teacher, paduka means footwears). Gurupaduka symbolize Guru of new beginner in these path. This Gurupaduka helps new learner in Shreevidya Sadhna to overcome ups and downs in Spiritual path of ShreeVidya Sadhana.

Therefore if someone practices Shreevidya Sadhna in absence of proper Guru , then as result practitioner can turn into mentally disabled personality.

if anyone starts studying/practicing any form of ShreeVidya Sadhna then this Sadhna converts turn into elements form.

How does subject Knowledge is aquired? To answer it, one goes to school and starts learning about particular subject and  aquires essential  knowledge about particular subject. Similarly, to understand and gain Knowledge of Shreevidya Sadhna, one has to understand particular mantras (rhymes) . This Mantras/rhymes has coded with a lot of hidden knowledge , if one manages to decode this hidden knowledge then only one can becomes true disciple of Shreevidya. Just by mere chanting or keeping some Yantra ( spiritual tantrik machines ) one can not get this hidden knowledge . Unless, one takes Deeksha of Gurupaduka sadhna neither hidden potenial of mantra can be realsied nor one can avalanche properly into ShreeVidya Sadhana. 

If one starts chanting mantras then it attracts initially some of  power orbits ( names mentioned above) and not the god of these mantras. In practicing ShreeVidya sadhna one has to examine deeply  the experiences that one gets as these  experiences may be lead to false illusion as a result one can be distracted in ShreeVidya Sadhana.

Yogini Yakshini Mandala power orbits takes first a lot tough exams of new disciple in Shreevidya Sadhana practices. In our Kundalini also a lot of powers such as Dakini Shakini  are in dormant states  if these powers are not activated properly then upon improper awakening ; these powers will damage bodys organ, fless and tissues severly.

Therfore, to ease the path  and gain success into ShreeVidya Sadhana, One needs proper Guru who can instruct disciple about  excat hurdeles coming in path of ShreeVidya Sadhana and also can instruct how to overcome them.

Shree Lord Dattatreya also performed this sacred spiritual ShreeVidya Sadhana under Guidance of his spiritual Guru Dakshinamurty.

Therefore it is rightly said that GuruKripa Kevalam l 

Shishya Parammangalam ll

(To bring overall upliftment of disciple, blessings of spiritual Teachers are utmost important)

In Shreevidya Sadhna , one must perform a smallest step with highest accuracy and precission  otherwise it can brings adverese consequences to soul and body of performer.

 If one starts Experiences these adverese effects due to wrong performances in ShreeVidya Sadhana then no God,demigod or any other spiritual gurus can protect from these adverese consequences. 

In India, at most of places where ShreeVidya Sadhana is performed , many are facing adverese consequences due to seevral faults such as selection of improper Guru( spiritual teacher) or upon fail to realises importance of Power orbits. At such places, instead of learning, studying, researching and worshiping over traditional spiritual arts given by Lord Shiva , people are worshiping arts which has imported from abroad  have no spiritual importances and magnitude  as traditional arts .


ShreeVidya Peetham, Thane


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