Sri Dakshinamurthy Guru

Sri Dakshinamurthy Guru

Sri Dakshinamurthy Guru
Supreme Guru Deity of SriVidya Culture


Namaste Freinds , Welcome to our SriVidya Pitham , Thane

Today we introduce Supreme Guru Teacher of Tantra and SriVidya Cult Sri Dakshina Murty.

Why call DakashinaMurty ?

It is mentioned repeatedly that he is called Dakshinamurthy because he is facing south. And also because the deity is placed in the southern quarter of the temple .Some say ; the name of the deity may have been derived because of this practice. However, there are few other explanations too.

According to Tantra tradition in which Sri Dakshinamurthy is a revered Guru of the Kadi (samaya) School, the term Dakshina means a woman and refers to the feminine principle, which can create, unfold and manifest. When Dakshina assumes a form along with Shiva it results in Dakshinamurthy, an androgynous aspect of Shiva. The Tantra tradition Dakshinachara regards and worships Sri Dakshinamurthy as Ardha-nari.

Relation between Dakshina-Murty and Ayana

The Dakshinayana is regarded as the Ayana (half year) of the Devi, the Mother Goddess, the life giving feminine phase of the Earth. It begins with pouring monsoon rains beating down the heat and ushering in cool relief . It is the rejuvenating season when all creatures and vegetation come to life and thrive.

The great seer Sri Ramana Maharishi who perhaps is closest to Sri Dakshinamurthy in his ideals and in his teaching methods, explained the term as Dakshina + Amurthy, meaning a formless entity, one which is capable but is without form.

दक्षिणः सृष्टि स्थित्यन्त विरचना निपुणश्चासौ परमार्थत अमूर्तिश्च आकारविशेषरहितः |

Dakshina refers to He, who is competent to create, sustain, and dissolve this Universe; and, who, however, in reality, in his Absolute state, is A-murthy i.e. formless.

Meaning of Dakshina

It is also said; Dakshina refers to Buddhi (intellect), the vision which has the capacity to perceive Brahman (Akhandaakara Vritti) in His non-dual or formless state (A-murthy). Thus, the Brahmavadins refer to Dakshinamurthy as that Buddhi in each of us – (Dakshinamurthy Upanishad– Verse 31)

शेमुषी दक्षिणा प्रोक्ता सा यस्याभीक्षणे मुखम् ।दक्षिणाभिमुखः प्रोक्तः शिवोऽसौ ब्रह्मवादिभिः ||

He is called Dakshinamurthy because of his boundless compassion (Dakshinya) towards all creation.

Dakshina , it is said , also means favourable (anukula ) to the devotee.

Dakshina is also interpreted as grace. Sri Dakshinamurthy is regarded the very embodiment of grace . It is explained that ‘grace’ (anugraha) is an act of unbound compassion releasing the individual from the coils of samsara. As Guru, he is the sublime ideal of spiritual wisdom adorned with grace towards all aspirants. And, only through his grace can one attain liberation.

And, It is also mentioned that the term ‘daksha’ denotes one who is capable, skilful or an expert. Daksha also signifies the intelligent or competent. Dakshinamurthy is the Daksha, the Master in music, arts and in all that is accomplished artistically; an exponent, an authority on scriptural learning; an adept in Tantra-vidya; a supreme Yogi; and, a teacher beyond compare who teaches the true knowledge that liberates.

Sri Shankara, in his Dakshinamurthi Stotra, offers salutations to Sri Dakshinamurti, the abode of all wisdom; the Supreme Guru; the teacher of all the worlds; and, the healer of all the ills of existence

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