Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama | Part : 10 | Word : ” Manorapukesu Kodanda ” 

 Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama | Part : 10 | Word : ” Manorapukesu Kodanda ” 

 Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama | Part : 10

Word : ” Manorapukesu Kodanda ” 



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Today we will try to understand the noun of this word “Manorapukesu Kodanda” in the tenth  part in Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama.

Before understanding this word, you have to understand the sequence of this article properly. What  element or tatva is identified by each  weapon of Sri-Lalita Parameshwari.

“Manorapukesu Kodanda” You must have seen the sugarcane bow in the hands of Sri-Lalita. By affixing  Sugarcane and  making a bow out of it and wearing it.

 Many people keep photos and  statues of Sri-Lalita Tripurasundari in their house. Many Srividya practitioners also have them.  But , why is sugarcane bow in the hands of Devi  ? There is no knowledge on this subject. 


By the way, while taking initiation of Srividya, all these subjects are taught by the Guru. But, for that one needs the  correct Srividya Guru initiation, such initiation does not take place in the crowd.

The sugarcane in the hands of  Tripurasundari,  this is the casual form of the mind of gods, goddesses, human beings and all the beings. Many alternative options and resolutions  arise in the mind. How the sugarcane rises from the ground and grows quickly,as if it  will touch the sun itself.


In the same way, human resolutions and options never cease.

The resolution of the seed of creation of the world must have risen in someone’s mind, right? Whether it is Brahma or Vishnu tatva o element.

The meaning of Brahm is that which is expanded, which is spread, which is vast, which is spread in all. From a rock to a mountain till the event of supreme

consciousness, that which is an extension of the same. Even in petit, in massive, in all that is present. The ego disappears as soon as that one is visible. So who will be independent, who will be dependent.


Brahma does not know iterance or repetition. He never hummed the same song again, which he hummed once. He does not create two faces alike,  he does not make two leaves alike,  does not make pebbles alike.

No spiritual practice will take it beyond its limits of rule. Spiritual practice will only make the rule clearer, as if you will become compatible with the rule.  You break out the animosity of the rule; Now you are the master, now you are independent for the first time.

 The above sentences are very important. Because you have to know the secret of Tripurasundari’s sugarcane in Srividya Sadhana. Sugarcane is a factor of mind. The mind keeps changing, you know it better.  The mind itself becomes a brahm and takes many elusive or maya forms. The sugacane in the hands of  Goddess Tripurasundari keeps the fickleness of the human mind at bay. Five arrows are affixed on it.


 ” Manorupaksu Kodanda “

If the form of bow sugarcane  is a factor of the mind, the same apply to  Kundalini.

Kundalini, which we can also call the spinal cord, from which everything improves  and also deteriorate.

” The same Kundalini in the form of sugarcane which the goddess is holding in her hands. One can say perfect control over Kundalini. That power is in the hands of Tripurasundari. She can twist it as she wants. She can construct or build whatever she want.


Kundalini is also a very high power and infinite programs are filled inside it.

Just as Kundalini is seated inside a human being, it is seated on all beings, gods and demons.  Each planet also has its own Kundalini. Similarly, this universe also has a Kundalini.


So imagine the sugacane in Srilalitha Parameshwari’s hands, how powerful will be the lustre of that  Kundalini.

If the sugarcane  is  Kundalini in the form of a bow, then its  chord is mind full of determination.

Do not know how many people have lost what all in life due  to  Kundalini. In order to seduce kundalini form woman people try in all possible ways. But everything turns upside down. First she will  tempt you which causes you confusion. She will test you  again, in which many people lose their own existence.


It is said that a woman should not be teased. If you tease her and if she makes up her mind, then you know very well what she can do. Now think what will happen if you try to tease the form of Kundalini as maestro   in small camps, then what will happen?


No one has knowledge about who came – who went – who is sleeping – who is crying and who is screaming in most of the camps. Kundalini will do something today, tomorrow she will do something, people spend their whole lifetime in this affair. 


This is obliquity. One has to learn this in the  Srividya  practice. That is why one needs to be face to face with the Guru in  Srividya Sadhana


 Now think, Sri-Lalitha TripuraSundari shot the arrow of resolution  from the bow form Kundalini,  then theqw universe and Trinity were born, whose   knowledge and science and divine knowledge is being searched by people till today.

 It is not known how many such resolutions of arrows are existent and how the unlimited power of that sugarcane form Kundalini will be expressed.

 In Srividya, a lot of people consider it as a  spiritual practice  to attain enjoyment and  salvation, but how both will be attained? What is the path? In   Srividya, vidya means to receive knowledge, to imbibe knowledge.


In order to get grace of Guru, he must know which student has come to the camp, atleast his name. That’s why one has to be in company of Guru in Srividya sadhana.

What kind of disciple has the teacher come to the camp even to be blessed by the Guru, his name must be known.

That is why stay with Guru in Srividya practice




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