Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama | Part 3 | Word: ShriMat-SiMhasaneShwari – 1

Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama | Part 3 | Word: ShriMat-SiMhasaneShwari – 1

?Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama ?Part 3

 Word: ShriMat-SiMhasaneShwari – 1




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Today we will try to understand the noun of this wordShriMat-SiMhasaneShwari  in the third part of  Sri-Lalita SahaSraNama.

ShriMat-SiMhasaneShwari … .. You will not come across this word inscribed in the hymns of any other deities – Kavach – Sahasranama etc.

You band of seekers must have understood that the throne is that which is conferred upon  a king, on which he sits and make decisions,  where  his subjects and his cabinet of ministers  bow down in front of his throne.

Now why is the word “lion” is associated with the word “Aasan“?

The lion is the king of the jungle.

There are many species of ferocious and powerful animals in the jungle and the Lion is the king of them all. He has all those skills. Hence the word  Throne has been awarded to most kings.

In earlier times, the seats of high position were made with the skin of a lion. In some fiery rituals the lion’s skin was distinguished as a  Seat. This subject has a different significance in Dashamahavidya Sadhana. Such as Ekmundi Seat , Panchmundi Seat, Navmundi Seat, likewise the lion’s skin. Sitting on such a Seat  there is a new creation of shakti and  mantra along with its vehicle.

Many people feel that Goddess will wake up to chanting mantras in Srividya Sadhana. But if you have taken the spiritual practice with wrong initiation, then after a few days, the seeker also appears in the wrong places. Therefore, it is necessary to be in the company of the Guru. Many people from here and overseas  who have taken wrong Sri vidya intiation, their condition is very bad.

Whenever  you practice a Maha vidya mantra, then there is not only the Goddess inside that mantra. With her element or tatva, her weapons are distinguished, her ang devtas or shaktis are seated, her vehicle is established, according to that tatva or element her siddhi riddhi are also active, according to the qualities of that element, her throne is also present.

So it is important to change the perspective of looking at the mantra.

Srividya Sadhana gives enjoyment & salvation, by holding this adage, Do not know how many people have been stuck in the wrong camps  and have wasted both money and time. Till now they did not get  any answer as to how they will get Bhoga and Moksha.

In Srividya initiation,  if you do authentic practice, you will see the establishment or installation of 44 temples. In the full worship of Sri Yantra on ehas to install or establish 44 temples. Such as Amrita Nidhi, Ratnadvip, Nanavriksha, Kalpavriksha, Mandar Vatika, Parijat Vatika, Kadamb Vatika, then temples of different gems are  found , then four gates are found in temples, rivers filled with different extracts, then five Seats are found. This Installation  of 44 such temples has the Panchasana of SriLalitha TripuraSundari is established.

Sriyantra has  four thrones  are placed at the four doors which are guarded by Bhairavi Shaktis. Their centerpiece throne  is in the center of Sriyantra.

We will explain this topic in the next article.

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