Secrets of Guhya Kali

Secrets of Guhya Kali

Secrets of Guhya Kali

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Guhyakali is the form of Mata Kali .
Mata Kali is representer of love , motherness, anger , destroyer,  Tantric Vidya .

There are also types and subtypes in *Tantric Vidya*
A part of it is *Tantra Vidya*.

In the Tantra Vidya there are also subtypes that are Agni tantra , vayu tantra , Tantra tantra , Sanmohan tantra and many more .

There are also subtypes , form , reflection of kali looking or controlling these .

The one form is Guhyakali.

She is third form of energy of Kali .
**Kali is also known as kaleshwari because her’s  wanted or favourite is  dark black colour  other aspect is that the wife of kaleshwar .*

The third of energy of kali is Guhyakali.
Ghuya means hidden energy of female energy .
It means that it is hidden female energy of kali which is known as GhuyaKali.

*Ghuyakali’s helping and balancing male power is Ghayat shivay*.

Ghayat Shivay is also called as GhayatKal .

Ghayat kal is energy of lord maha shivay when kali is divided in Ghuya Kali.
Ghuya Kali is the hidden , secret , unseen energy of Kali.

That is she is open out  from kali’s stomach that is she is called Ghuya Kali.

Ghayat means he is open out from Mahakal’s mouth so he called Ghayat Kal .

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